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  1. bmxbogan

    [QLD] for sale commodore airbag kit rear only

    commodore air bag kit out of my vz but will fit any irs commodore 3/8 lines 400c varair compressor 9 gal tank 3 switches up down side side slam drop in bags valves everything you need to bag the rear of your commo selling due to i want coilovers so will swap for coilovers or vz parts plus...
  2. R

    Airbagged VS

    Has anyone bagges a VS. Im looking at a bag kit on ebay for a solid axle VS. Couldnt see it too hard installing the bags. How much work and how hard is it to install the compressor and airlines etc. Im guessing the compressor is mounted in the boot.??? Is there much noise in the cabin from the...