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  1. O

    Weird balance problem solved!

    Hi all, I'm posting this on here as a first time poster on the off-chance it might help someone else in the future. I've relied on posts and how-to videos from here in the past so I'm trying to do my bit. Recently I had new tyres fitted to my VZ Calais and only a week or so later a mate...
  2. Gilly91

    VS Ute Door Speakers Don't Sound Balanced

    Hi, I've got a VS ute with splits in the doors and a sub in the cavity next to the fuel tank. I have a 4 channel amp running the splits on channel 1 and 2, and bridged for the sub on channels 3 and 4. The splits are good quality Fusion splits I'm pretty sure (can't remember the name but...
  3. BakeTheTank

    Steering Shudder at High Speed just after Rotate/Balance

    Hey Guys Had a rotate/balance on my car last week and went for my first long distance drive in a lil while. Once getting up to 100kms there was no real pattern to it, but on and off i would get a shudder like movement just in the wheel, although it didnt really affect the direction of the...