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  1. M

    Running a 15” and 12” sub together!!

    Hi all, My plan is to run a 15” JBL sub with a 12” Kenwood sub and build a custom box to fit them behind the seats in my VE SS UTE. Can anybody help me out with selecting an amp to run them both? I’ll post the specs below for both, they’re both pretty similar in terms of wattage, but will it...
  2. A

    Lacklustre bass after IQ Upgrade

    I've just completed a head unit upgrade on my '07 Omega, using the head unit from a series II SS ute (not sure exact model/year). I have installed Alpine SPR-60C splits in the front left and front right speakers, and before the head unit upgrade everything sounded great. However, since the...
  3. dashdown98

    VP Ute Subwoofer?

    Hey guys, I'm wanting to install a subwoofer in my VP ute but I don't know which way to go. I think I'd like to have the sub in the cabin but I've seen ones in the fuel tank well and I'd like to know more about those too. Are they much more work to install? I've looked into slimlines to go...
  4. Hellz03

    want more bass and better way to tune my stereo

    Hi I have a vx series 2 Pioneer 1 din DVD stereo running a fusion sub 1200 and pioneeer monoblock amp I want to get more bass also what's the best way to tune my stereo my system has a few settings I have no idea what they are lol But is there a certain setting or settings I need to change...
  5. paulio14

    Polk audio, kicker or Rockford fosgate?

    Hey guys Am looking at either getting 12 or 15 inch sub in one of these 3 brands Am looking for other users opinions/reviews on the gear Cheers
  6. J

    SUBS: 1x 12" or 2x 10"

    which would be louder and deeper and harder? 1x12" sub or 2x 10" subs? later on i will double whatever i get....
  7. J

    Slimline Subs

    hey guys just wondering for a VY commodore ute what slimline will be LOUD and bassy when i want it to be, yet blend well when i don't want it pounding. I've got a sealed enclosure for behind my seat which will fit any slimline sub, its 0.96 cu,ft.... and max mounting depth of about 5-5/12 inches...
  8. J

    can VY Utes fit full size 12" Sub behind the seat?

    (NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED ON THIS GUYS PICTURE, IT JUST SHOWS WELL) ive been told that the VY utes can fit a full size 12" sub behind the seat? is this true?
  9. J

    VY Full Sound system advice

    Hey guys, im saving up for my VY-S i want to get when i get my P's and i want to buy my sound system now.... i have no clue about the tiny details of all this stuff but basically i want a 12" sub and amp that will be mounted in the cabin.... i want a sub that will shake the car when i want it...
  10. JSTCOZ

    Sub-woofer, stock system?

    Hey all, I'm a bit of a n00b to all of the car stuff. (apologies in advance) I want to add some bass to my car speakers and heard that a 12" Sub in the boot would be good. My speakers and head unit are all stock at the moment however, and i was wondering if it is just as easy as buying...
  11. old mate

    the music gear thread

    well seems as one member posted up an issue with his guitar amp, a fair bit of interest was sparked on this topic, so i thought it would be cool to start a thread on music gear and just anything to do with it. doesnt matter what you play, just get it out here. this thread can be used to show...
  12. WJD634

    FS: (SA) 2x1000w subs in vented box

    ITEM: 2x1000W subs in 4th order bandpass box LOCATION: South Australia, Port Pirie CONDITION: used but in excellant condition, no damage, been sitting in my cupboard since january PRICE: $150 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: prefer a pm, but a...