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  1. 96HRT Lowndes Tribute car

    96HRT Lowndes Tribute car

    Hi all, a few mates and I decided to build a Tribute car for Bathurst last year and did so in 3x days. The car is now in its next phase of transformation. I have just picked up a 99 S3 5ltr 5speed VS Ute to use as a driveline donor as the tribute is still a 3.8ltr auto. The Ute isn’t running...
  2. SillySV6

    Bathurst Edition VZ SV6

    My new Holden Commodore VZ SV6, was babied by the previous owner who was a family friend, but has had exterior rims and rear spoiler decked out with Pacemaker extractors, Aftermarket Headers and straight through Pipe. Was modified Professionally, limited edition. Absolutely love and adore...
  3. ve ss man

    Bathurst cruise, ve ss,sv6,berlina,calais cruise

    anyone interested in a picnic/cruise to bathurst on 15th february? :thumbsup: prefer ve ss ,calais,berlina, sv6 or any other V8 model commodore. leaving penrith early on the day. cheers chris:thumbsup: