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battery light

  1. T

    Power issue

    My battery light come up the other say and after driving 5 minutes my dash light up like a Christmas tree. Then it happened again, the second time it happened I was bringing my car to a stop and dash lights up again and car died. Was a fuel issue so replaced fuel pump and fuse and all seemed...
  2. xev_

    2001 VX Berlina - Ignition/Startup issue

    Hey guys, Issue 1: So I've got a bit of a weird one, roughly 5 days ago I noticed when I started my car at the end of the day (commuting back home) my car's RPM sorta fluttered and "lost power" so to speak as I pulled from the curb to drive away (it so far hasn't occurred when driving on the...
  3. M

    Vx Commodore battery light came on and then lost all power

    Hi guys I was driving my vx Commodore home this afternoon when I started losing acceleration looked down and noticed battery light was on I then lost power steering and had to pull over car immediately died and now won't start. It seems like it's trying to kick over but then shakes and dies...
  4. B

    5l alternator working, nek minute not

    been reading other posts but people dont seem to post how they fixed things, neway, had my ute sitting in the shed idleing, my alternator works fine for a bit putting out low to mid 14, then it drops down to 11's, without moving the ute, checked and cleaned all connections, replaced fusible link...
  5. simj79

    ABS and Bettery Light on, any Idea's on the problem?

    Hi guys, this morning the ABS light came on then the battery light. The battery light goes out under acceleration, but comes back on when I take my foot off. Any ideas what the problem is?? I have a 2000 Series 2 Supercharged VT "S"
  6. CuRt007

    VT Intermittant Battery Light

    Hey guys, I've been getting an intermittant battery light showing up on the dash for a few months now. I've tried a reco alternator but still nothing. The multimeter reads about 13.5 - 13.7 volts from the back of the alternator. And the battery is about 2 years old. Load tester showed the...