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  1. T

    Power issue

    My battery light come up the other say and after driving 5 minutes my dash light up like a Christmas tree. Then it happened again, the second time it happened I was bringing my car to a stop and dash lights up again and car died. Was a fuel issue so replaced fuel pump and fuse and all seemed...
  2. J

    Novice Question - Why the Battery Location in VF SS Commodore

    Hey guys, Foreword - I'm a brand-new novice in the world of cars, but hoping to learn, and to probably begin to modify my VF SS in the coming months (also looking for suggestions on where to start with that - performance and handling, not just lowered with an exhaust haha). So forgive me if my...
  3. T

    Help Needed With My Ve Omega

    Hey guys I just thought I’d throw a question out there as I’m in need of some help, when I have time I will be taking photos and posting them if further help is needed. okay so a couple of months ago me and my partner got a 2009 VE Omega It’s actually an ex detectives car which comes with the...
  4. C

    Car Battery Dies On Radio

    My 2011 Commodore Berlina International’s battery died today after using the radio for about 10min the day before with the ignition off (no key in either). This has happened before, when the radio and headlights where on for about 10min too. When I got GIO roadside assistance (now carry a...
  5. L

    Hot Battery

    Just got back from a 2 hour run in the V8 SSV and disconnected the battery (as I always do to stop it going flat) and the battery was very hot to the touch. I'm guessing that's not normal. Battery is pretty much brand new and voltage on display seems normal.
  6. S

    Ghost in Machine

    Hi there, My 2013 SV6 Z series 11 SID i Sedan initially wouldn’t start, though it was the Bluetooth radio draining it as it would keep connected to my phone when I was in my house but now the camera & radio will go out for up to 3 days then ok again, now after trying to start it, I will release...
  7. MPA

    Help please! Voltage Dropping Issue

    Hi Everyone, Bit desperate here, first time posting. This will be a bit of a long post just so I can get as much information out there to help diagnose the issue. Car: HOLDEN COMMODORE VX (S2?) 2002 4 Door Sedan 3.8 litre, LN3 (L36) V6 So my issue is my voltage starts off at 13.5V (Dash...
  8. D

    Battery clamp help

    Hello people, I am new to the forum, thank you for all the free available content :) I am in need of a little help. I have a VZ executive wagon. My car doesnt have the battery clamp then doesnt pass the rwc in victoria because of that. I just bought an universal battery holder but now realized...
  9. A

    VFII Boot battery change with 12V power outlet

    Hi Guys/Girls, I have a VFII SSV Redline and attempting a simple job of replacing battery. All good except had a 12V outlet fitted as a dealer option. I can not workout how to unmount the socket from the bracket so I can remove the panel that covered the battery. I've checked out the install...
  10. Mattricho

    Battery charger/trickle charger

    Hi all just quick question about battery charges/ trickle charges. Is it ok to Connect the trickle charger to the jumpstart points in the engine bay or should it be off a battery in the boot? If of the battery in the boot should the battery be disconnected? The car is a Vf series 1
  11. N

    2004 VZ Commodore Battery Draining (recently installed aftermarket head-unit)

    Hey guys, cheers for any help, and sorry if I've posted this in the wrong thread, I'm not new to just commodores, but I'm a first-time poster! :) Here's the go - my VZ SV6 has recently been having battery troubles, the car seemed to run completely fine until I installed the aftermarket head...
  12. C

    5l VR ute having a short.

    My V8 ute is having a short or something. If I put the terminals on its got a lot of spark like a welder plus the battery heats up. The negative terminal wire is melted and there is smoke everywhere. the wires get hot from the terminals to the altinator. Altinator is bran new and battery. Can...
  13. ghostrider

    VE BCM (Body Control Module) B1517 Error

    Hey Guys, having cut outs on my VE under acceleration randomly and suspected battery or something because the car sometimes has problems starting and loosing Traction Assist ESC EBA EBC the scan tool come up with this error as present Battery Voltage Plausibility Failure B1517 Symptom 5A...
  14. S

    Voltage is key

    Not a question but just wanted to share some experience with you. Picked my 2007 caprice up for the dealer yesterday, took it home and put the child seats in and went off for a drive in the new whip... The the trouble started. After turning the car on (sounded like the battery was low when it...
  15. N

    2012 VE Commodore Wagon SII not cranking over

    My 2012 Series 2 VE Sportswagon won't start. It makes a constant clicking sound which I presume is the starter motor. I bought the car second hand with 80,000km about a year ago. It has been serviced regularly, it's now got 138,000km's on the odo. The weird thing about this is, I serviced the...
  16. BoB_The_Ninja

    Vz Crewman idle surge/safetymode

    Hey guys, I'm new here. What happened: I've been swearing my head off at my car for a couple months now. Originally the car had blown the ODD injector fuse (replaced fuse, and rebuilt injectors, replaced the injector harness). In my excitement of "woo-hoo I can drive the car again" I have...
  17. A

    My Vl won’t turn over

    okay so I’ve got a vl that has a RB20 in it, this engine came out of another running vl so the wiring is already customised to work with the RB20, I just need to figure out where everything goes, I’m pretty sure I wired the starter and alternator up properly but it still won’t crank, the battery...
  18. J

    VS won't start and blinkers won't turn off.

    93 Vs ute. Has 2 keys, one for door and one for ignition. Car stopped mid road but started again so didn't think too much of it. Two days later it happened again and I had to push the car off the road as it wouldn't start. The indicator in the battery wasn't green any more so I assumed it was...
  19. O

    Alternator / Battery Process Advice

    Hi all, So, after the Christmas tree lights and speedo died last week, the alternator has finally drained my battery (probably the regulator) I wasn't quick enough to change it over and this morning the battery is completely flat (according to the window indicator on it - says to recharge)...
  20. D

    Key battery missing when car was purchased, car won't start anymore.

    I've recently purchased a 99 VT equipe from my mother, who has upgraded, the key was already buggered and has been taken apart.. so it has no battery, which means no use of buttons, door lock entry etc.. but car would 99.9% of the time start second attempt at turning over. Now it cranks and...
  21. S

    Help with key fob

    Took battery out of my vx commodore and broke of the metal part that's soldering to the bottom of battery and circuit board. Left ignoring on for 6 hours and no immobiliser off. My vt worked but vx hasn't .don't bother with saying locksmith etc. I'm a backyard lol ain't have funds for new 1. Any...
  22. T

    Acclaim S2 not starting - immobiliser issue?

    Hi, first off: I am a backpacker, bought this car used and am also quite new to cars in general so please bare with me. I got a new car battery four weeks ago. About a week ago during my roadtrip up the east coast I helped two guys jump start their car. After that I drove another 3h tl Sydney...
  23. S

    Radio off but still draining the battery??

    Hope this is the right place to ask this because no one else can help me. I've got a problem with my 2002 commodore wagon where the radio won't turn off/not use the battery. Usually I can't turn on the radio without the keys turned in the ignition but since last Thursday it's constantly in...
  24. Nitro_X

    Battery Life

    ...struth, this forum has had an upgrade since I was last here. Was scratching my head wondering if I had the right place LOL Anyway, just a quick poll on how long your battery lasted. Discovered my car dead today and battery at 5V :eek: Checked my log book. Battery replaced in July...
  25. H

    Replacing battery without alarm going off

    Hi, had a quick look but couldn't find an answer to this. Let the battery in my VY Executive run flat recently. As soon as I connected the jumper cables to get it going, the alarm went off. I've now removed the battery and charged it, but when reinstalling it, am I going to set the alarm off...
  26. Sean08ssv

    Charging/volts issues

    Hey everyone i have a 2008 ssv ute, the past week the alternator warning has come up on my display while driving, when this happens i notice the voltage drops. I'll watch it go from 13 down to 12. It'll eventually go back up to 14volts or higher and the warning will disappear..its has now done...
  27. P

    Airbag Fault/Dual Battery (Ex-Police)

    Hey guys, Recently bought a VE SS MY12.5, it's an ex-police vehicle (dual battery, trap mode, extra button near sunnies). Anyway, I occasionally get airbag fault show up just after start. Sometimes will do it while driving. Some days I don't see it at all. Had it at Holden for the 90k service...
  28. J

    Having battery and electrical problems

    Hey guys just having some issues with my vy ss, the other day i did a long drive(about 2 hours) near the end my abs light came on and my aircon started fading, after i got home i tried to restart the car but the battery was dead, jumped it and it ran fine for a couple short trips, got a new...
  29. S

    VF battery voltage

    Hi, bought a VF evoke sportwagon (2014) a couple of weeks ago, it's an ex-fleet (rms), 18 months old and has 99,000km. Drove it back to Sydney from the dealer in Albury and that night the radio stations reset. Didn't think anything of it until three days later the car displays 'check battery...
  30. T

    Mystery power cut out, already changed the basics

    Gday guys ive got a weird problem i can't get to the bottom of, me VT runs nice but would randomly cut out and not start. I changed the alternator and starter motor then gave it a jump as my bat was flat. It only just cranked over then immediately cut out when i took the jumper cables off. I...
  31. H

    VF Sportswagon Evoke Boot

    Hey guys, I have recently bought a 2013 Evoke wagon and in the boot there is a plastic cover which has an additional battery holder. Does anyone know if this is reversible and does it cost all that much? Having a quick look at it i'm guessing i'll need to replace some of the interior walls down...
  32. btgoodgame343

    VT Engine won't turn over.

    Hey guys, a while ago I bought a late 98' VT Ecotec Series 2 and I've only just tried to start it for the first time. The instrument lights come on and all the exterior lights work, but as soon as I turn it to start it dies completely and all that remains is the odometer when i return the key to...
  33. S

    2004 VY Ute - problem starting - electrical?

    Vehicle Details: 2004 5.7 VY SS Manual Ute Hi guys, Sean here. Okay so this doesn't happen all the time, maybe once or twice a week. When I turn the engine on it struggles. It rev's around 200 - 300 rpm for about 5 seconds then comes right, however, once this is happening whenever I...
  34. M

    Will not start........ VX Berlina

    key in ignittion: nothing. no lights, not a thing. Came home from a holiday to the wife telling me the car wont start. First thing I did was try the 1200 amp battery pack n tried to jump the car. As soon as I turned the starter pack on the motor started to turn over. keys were in my...
  35. dah_man_ben

    Battery going flat

    So, I feel like I am having a blast from the past of my old '07 Calais V. In the last 2 months, my SSV (only a year old), has started going flat randomly. Happened about 7 times so far, at random times, even just having the car off for 10 minutes, today again even after driving 40km. Then it...
  36. Jazzakat

    Battery or alternator issues? VZ SSZ won't start.

    Hi guys, I've done a lot of browsing and found people with similar problems but not quiet the same as mine. I was wondering what your opinions on the matter were or if anyone has had anything similar and was able to resolve the issue. I have a 2005 VZ SSZ Ute. I replaced the battery less than...
  37. L

    Vt alternator warning light not working

    What can cause the red battery symbol not to light up on the dash? Its not coming on during start up or when grounding the wire going to the alternator. (Already checked the bulb.)
  38. dashdown98

    VP Commodore Relays?

    Hi guys, just need some info on the relay box under the hood of my VP V6. The dodgy old bloke who had it before me decided to absolutely annihilate all the electrics. Pretty much nothing worked when I got it but things are slowly starting to fire up. I went to pick up a new bumper and the bloke...
  39. Bronson3

    VT Battery Terminals

    Alright, so I'm stuck at mission Australia right now, worrying about my poor baby (and her corroded terminals) I've been needing to change the battery terminal clamps for a while now, but I don't want to buy the wrong ones. I could probably just take a photo of mine, walk in, and guess which...
  40. N

    Problem With My Car, can you help?

    hiya i've got a holden commadore vs 97 and having problems with either the ignition/or the immobiliser, the car started and ran but it just cut out while driving and stopped, i pushed it back to my house and tried to start the car but nothing just sounded like it wanted to start but would'nt...