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  1. H

    VR Wagon Not Cranking, Relay Not pulling in

    How’s it going guys, Having trouble with my wagon. Put Key in, turn it, wagon won’t crank. Starter relay isn’t pulling in, have tested it and the switched Earth it gets from BCM/ECU isn’t getting there allowing it to pull. Guessed at park switch, replaced it, still nothing. Bridged a known earth...
  2. K


    So I have lost my key to my VE and wanted to know what might be the best and cheapest way of getting a new one. Am I better of getting a new/second hand BCM and ignition barrel or going through holden to get the pin I require to have my new key computerised into my original one ? Thank you!
  3. VX Sean

    Help advice on how to get my car started

    The car has been in storage for 7 years the car wouldn't recognise the key anymore so I changed the BCM and PCM and using the new FOB everything works except the car won't start well it's start but just for a brief second then cuts out any advice on where to go to with this
  4. H

    l67 back to L36

    hey guys hope everyone's well, as for my inquiry, this ones slightly of a different nature. I'm currently in the process of reversing a standard l67 swap in a VX, Long story short iv'e bought a short l36 engine and used the trans and torque converter off the super 6, retaining the l36 flywheel...

    Head Unit turns off sometimes opening door?

    I have a VY SS ute and my head unit (and previous head unit) will turn off when I open door with key removed but only sometimes. Can anyone shed light on this please?
  6. Z

    Changed ECM, BCM and pim but no start

    Hey guy, so I have a vz sv6 that had a no crank issue and only working once we jumped the starter relay that we later found out it was a bad BCM. I found out that we could replace ECM BCM and pim with a matching key and it should all be plug and play. At the moment it is just cranking but...
  7. Don’t like new cars!

    Lost all my options!!!

    So VZ SV8 battery died and now I have lost all the good options in the menu?? Used to have multi stage unlock, headlight, horn bips, interior illumination etc... options but after the battery died now all I have is trip, rest, over speed and the other base options. I have disconnected and left...
  8. scaredyet

    Low Fuel Warning Issue

    A couple of months ago I developed a low fuel warning issue with my 2005 VZ Wagon. Even though I had a full tank of fuel each time I would start my car I get a low fuel warning. I press mode on my dash to remove the warning but the fuel icon is still stays. The warning doesn't come back while...
  9. R

    Key or the car?

    VT Commodore sedan. New 3 button genuine key from locksmith $99 supplied using key code and BCM code. Key turns the door and ignition locks and starts the engine - no problem there. Learning the remote. Key in ignition dash lights on (doors closed) - wait for 30 seconds then start the engine...
  10. T

    2010 VE SS Utility Series 2 BCM part number

    Hi everyone. Recently have ran into issues with my BCM on my 2010 Holden Commodore SSS Ute. Power windows not working, indicators not working and car thinking the door is closed when it’s opened. I’ve sourced out a website where I can send my damaged one and they will copy it onto a new one but...
  11. scaredyet

    What's up with my indicators?

    Every now and then my indicators stick or flash very slowly I'm not sure what the deal is but it's happening a lot lately. I have changed every relay in the car for new one's about a month ago but that didn't seem to do anything. I don't have a sticky indicator when the car is locked with my...
  12. M

    VX Berlina S2 - which BCM?

    Howdy all, Does anyone know what the number code is for the VX S2 Berlina’s BCM? The manual scan floating around indicates that it’s a LUX (as you’d expect) but doesn’t actually say which model. I’ve read some stuff that makes me think it might be the 014 but I’d love to get some confirmation...
  13. T

    VF Commodore Control Modules

    G'day everyone, I'm looking at getting a VF SS eventually but was told today by an Auto Electrician that they won't last because the BCM's are made of biodegradable plastic and they will melt over time. He also said that this is the case for all modern Commodores (VN - VF). Was just wondering...
  14. ghostrider

    VE BCM (Body Control Module) B1517 Error

    Hey Guys, having cut outs on my VE under acceleration randomly and suspected battery or something because the car sometimes has problems starting and loosing Traction Assist ESC EBA EBC the scan tool come up with this error as present Battery Voltage Plausibility Failure B1517 Symptom 5A...
  15. K

    vs v6 electronic issues

    hi all first time poster here, you guys have already been a great help. okay so my vs v6 manual ute sometimes won't start when I turn the key (fuel pump does start) it will however start if I turn the key off and on again a few times. (or if I hit the unlock button on the key whilst in the...
  16. D

    Vt wont start/run with indicator fuse in...?

    So i did a shotty swap and ended up with this 1999 vt s2 v6 auto as part of deal. So all was well until i lost license and let it sit for a few months.. I replaced battery thinking it was the reason car was dead.. Then key decided to not unlock /lock and had issues with that so paid to have...
  17. J

    Need help with fault overload code1 by commodore

    So I've been having some issues with my series 2 vy commodore Berlina other there week I started and drove my car got to my destination came back to the car 10mins later to it not wanting to start (well turns over then dies after firing ) After doing some research on this page I came to it being...
  18. D

    Fuel Pump isn't Running

    Got a 2002 VX SS (Gen III LS1) it will crank but won't start by itself. If given power to the fuel pump through an external source or giving the rails fuel through an external source it will fire and run fine. It threw code "theft deterrent fuel circuit enable" or something similar once on my...
  19. N

    Compatibility VE-VF

    Hi, I needed to replace the engine in my VE as the old one carked it! Ringing around, I found that Heaps of people have different ideas on what is right and what works/doesn't work.. I needed an LFX engine and found one for a very reasonable price. Only problem was that it came off a VF (but...
  20. M

    Strange Radio Behaviour

    Hi there, I've owned my 2006 Commodore Wagon for a little over a year now and it's been an absolute gem, but the radio/cd and lights have always acted a little weird, and gotten worse over time. My first issue was that when I would keep the auto lights function ON, the backlight for the...
  21. Myer

    Hi guys. I have a VX berlina v6 , has ignition lights, no crank no windows no locking?

    The two incoming power (orange wires) one has lost power at BCM, test plug, remote receiver. it seems as if the power is being syphoned off by another circuit. I am looking for a critical path diagram or if anyone knows what other codependent circuits/ modules/components could be interfering. I...
  22. K

    Vy v6 BCM power windows and subwoofer issue

    Vy 2003 v6 wagon. So I've worked out that the BCM is a pain, my front power windows had been a pain and to wind them down I have had to repeatedly press the down button or hold for a few seconds to over ride the auto down. I have since taken the BCM out and scrapped the black stuff of the metal...
  23. T

    Lost VY Key

    Can someone help me or point me in the right direction for information on the ignition barrel, door locks and BCM. I have lost the only key i have to my VY SS ute, now i have another VY sedan that i have the key for but I'm unsure of how i would go about swapping everything over. i know its not...
  24. peterhsv

    VZ sporadically wont start till i remove BCM

    VZ v6. Gremlin with car. It won't start, so i take out #29 BCM fuse, wait approx 2 minutes, re install, then car starts. It use to happen 6 months ago, then no issues, and last 3 days, its happening again on every start except once. E.g: yesterday morning when i went to start to go to work it...
  25. B

    VT-VU motor transfer. Starting complications

    hi all. Did an LS1/4L60E transplant from my S2 VT SS into a VU ute LS1 model but NOT an ss. So down to the issues During the transfer i noticed a few differences. The vt had ABS but the VU did not (no fuses for it, no module and no brake lines coming from the booster). The vu's harness plugs...
  26. K

    [VT-VX] Electric Window Conversion/Door Swap with BCM Bypass

    After countless hours of searching through the forums and getting a better idea/gathering information on how to convert my commodore over to electric windows from manual winders. I found a couple of things that were helpful but kept finding the same annoyance, old threads that didn't make make...
  27. M

    VF remote entry issues

    Hi all, I have a VF Ute V6 2014, Im wondering if anyone here has had problems with VF remote entry not work, i have read the existing forums and couldn't find anything related to the issue I'm having. Out of nowhere both my keys stopped locking/unlocking, arming/disarming the alarm, however i...
  28. C

    Possible BCM VX V8 Commodore

    Hi guys... So the other day my car (VX V8) decided to stuff up my central locking won't work at all my key is dead the anti theft light is continuously flashing when i go to start the car it dies 1-2 seconds after being started and the power windows won't work all the time I've put it down to...
  29. danielnitschke

    VX Water Leaking into Drivers Footwell!

    Hello All! What a wet end to the week. Go to get in today, low and behold the floor is soaked. With a grimace I get in, twist my head and see that all the wiring, BCM etc whatever else is under there is also soaked and dripping. The car still starts and works fine but whew it's stressing me...
  30. danielnitschke

    VX II Giving Weird Error and Chime?

    Hello All, My VX II Acclaim Commodore 2002 has been doing something weird recently. Today was the second time it's done it, else it starts fine? When i turn the car on, the security LED flashes like nuts, the Traction Control and Airbag light turn on and the car makes a chime similar (but...
  31. S

    VT locks intermittently acting up

    as the title suggests guys i have a VT SS commodore and my locks are playing up. i replaced the battery, BCM and battery terminals and their still acting funny 99% of the time everything works beautifully, but maybe once or twice a week they stop working altogether and i gotta climb in...
  32. A

    VZ Berlina BCM

    Have everything for climate control conversion and have made up a custom loom from a Calais loom and an SVZ loom and the conversion is ready to go apart from the BCM. The Calais BCM is no good because it doesn't support a rear wiper which is essential in the wagon. Does anyone have a VZ...
  33. J

    VY BCM Help

    Hi everyone, I've had an issue with my power windows for sometime now, where pressing them down will move it just a tiny bit. To get them down completely you must either keep hitting the down button or hold it down for 5 seconds before it moves. I've seen others posting this problem and...
  34. W

    Potential BCM issue (various electrical issues)

    Hi Guys, Im 31 yr old girl sick of being ripped off by Holden/Mechanics. Just had a diagnostics check at holden for $150 for them to tell me that the seat memory module is drawing residual current from my battery. (previously my battery has been going dead). They want me to replace the...
  35. U

    Key / Immobiliser / Starting Issue.

    I seem to have a small conundrum. I've browsed various sites looking for an answer, but none have exactly the same problem, hence the new thread. I have an issue with the key button for my '02 VUII SS ute not unlocking my doors. The first time this happened was 2am Sunday 24/5/15, after...
  36. B

    99 VT Immobiliser cutting in and not recognising key

    I have a 99 vt v6 commodore sedan and the other night the headlights stayed on after i turned the car off and went into work(which usually they turn off when you open drivers door) My car didnt start straight away but left it for 15 min to get a bit of charge up and it started straight away...
  37. P

    New Keys/BCM not locking/unlocking remotely

    Hi All got my first commodore, a 2003 VY ute 4 months ago and it's great with no real issues so far, but both the keys were shot - batteries dead and rubber key buttons shredded. So after a bit of research on here elected to replace the bcm and get 2 new keys. Had to take it to Holden Dealer...

    VY SS UTE Series1 Battery Drain

    My VY was hard to start after just 24hrs of not driving and have done some basic checks. My car is a manual and no "code" are showing on dash. Battery at rest is 12.6V and charging, under load 14V. Current draw test after 30 minutes, 500mA draw till I pulled the ENG CONT/BCM fuse out and got...
  39. F

    3amp Battery Drain on SVZ Wagon (ECM/BCM/TCM)

    Hi all, I have a 3 amp current being drawn when the car is switched off. Removing the 10A ECM/BCM/TCM Fuse removes the draw. Any ideas? Cheers, Ben
  40. W

    Car wont start... ECU or ??

    Hi Guys, I recently purchased a VZ 2004 Commodore, I love the thing and it looks after me but im stuck in a bit of trouble right now. Last week i was driving the car home, pulled in to get something from the servo and when i came out, I noticed the key wouldnt turn at all, after about 30minutes...