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  1. T

    Drive Shaft Center Constant Velocity Bearing/ Rubber replacement Short Life Why?

    My original Bearing and rubber lasted perhaps 150000 plus km. VS series 2 , 6 cylinder , auto , live / beam rear axle Had the mechanic replace it and all OK for a few thousand Kilometres. Then failed and fixed under warranty. Now the second replacement is failing. I can hear that the tail shaft...
  2. A

    V8 Adventra center tailshaft bearing

    Hey guys, i am wondering the right way about doing my center tailshaft bearing and the location of it. Never touched anything to do with the driveshaft so i am like a headless chook in this one cheers.
  3. S

    Tr6060 gearbox oil? Bearing noises?

    My 2014 vf ss is going back into the gearbox shop today. Been doing a bit of reading up on the penrite pro gear 70w-75. Has anyone changed there's over to this, is it worth doing? Bit of background, I had a bearing noise when car was in neutral, as soon as id push the clutch in the noise would...
  4. J

    2002 VX: - Replaced front shocks but locating plate moves

    Hi, I bought a pair of Auto-Force shock absorbers and two Mackay strut mounting kits (bearing and bearing assembly/bush). After taking the old shocks off and disassembling, I noticed that the new bump stop and dust cover/boot (came with the new shock absorber) were both very different to the...
  5. P

    2000 VS 304 ute Uni and Centre tail shaft bearing replacement

    Hey Was wondering if any can help me as all mechanics i have called aren't 100%. my ute is a 304, getrag 5 speed and i want to tighten up the drive train as it subtle clunk back and fourth when driving slow in traffic and a vibration type noise kind of like a winding a boat onto a trailer...
  6. Schorno

    VE hubs on VY, do they bolt on?

    Hey there guys, Wondering if you can bolt on VE hubs onto a VY? I'm about to get some VF redline 'WIDE' wheels and I'm up for replacing the hubs too as I was in an acco. Was thinking if they bolt on it would be easier and the VE hubs new are cheaper that the VY ones I wouldn't have to...
  7. MiKExAUS

    VZ SV6 Squeak

    Hi Guys, This weekend i'm doing a big service on my sv6 with my dad. Bought a new radiator (90 bucks), water pump (30bucks) and a pipe for the aircon (current one is leaking). I also have this annoying bloody squeak on cold start up that I want to get rid of (since I'm pulling apart a fair...
  8. Android

    Noisy thrust bearing

    Hi All, Ever since I bought the car its had a slightly noisy thrust bearing. Sitting in neutral with the clutch in - no problems, clutch out you can here it - it sounds like a dry bearing noise... Anyway, I had it serviced a while ago and they must have lubricated it - as the noise went away...
  9. C

    vk throw out bearing help

    Hi just, I got a m-76 manual conversion for my vk calais with a brand new heavy duty clutch kit. However after a week of driving, the clutch wouldn't engage properly, even with the cable fully adjusted. I took out the box and realized the throw out bearing had actually cracked where it pivots...
  10. Miss black vt berlina

    very loud airplane like noise coming from front passenger side of vt v6 motor?

    hey all i have a airplane like noise (best way to describe it) coming from my motor (passenger side) at first i though it could be the air compressor or the air compressor bearing? i was going to get a smaller fan belt and put it on and test it maybe?? the sound all started after i got my...
  11. B

    abs hub on non abs?

    Just wondering if i can put abs hub on non abs vr, my bearing stuffed n i only got abs hubs here, thanx
  12. B

    Clangy noise from motor V6. With audio file attached

    Greetings, I have a 95 model VR Commodore V6 and recently the motor has started getting very noisey. There is a clangy, clapp or it sounds like the lifters are shot and making the rockers rattle terribly but it sounds more than that like the balance shaft bearings are shot making it make a loud...
  13. J

    VR back end rattle

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a annoying rattle coming from my back end was thinking maybe suspension but checked it out and suspension is all fine. Now leaning towards control arm or bushes? Any help would be very appreciated!
  14. Gilly91

    Replacing VS driveshaft centre bearing.

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to replace the bearing in the middle of the driveshaft on a VS commodore yourself? And if so, how? Thanks heaps.