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  1. S

    Tr6060 gearbox oil? Bearing noises?

    My 2014 vf ss is going back into the gearbox shop today. Been doing a bit of reading up on the penrite pro gear 70w-75. Has anyone changed there's over to this, is it worth doing? Bit of background, I had a bearing noise when car was in neutral, as soon as id push the clutch in the noise would...
  2. S

    Vz ss 6L knocking

    Hey everyone, so I recently purchased an 06 vz ss thunder ute, it has a loud knock when cold and originally thought it could be the idler pulley, But after talking with a couple of people I'm starting to think it could be the oil pump, I haven't noticed the car using any oil etc but if this is...
  3. D

    [General] How to replace Trailer Bearings

    A few mates and I made this in-depth video on how to diagnose and replace trailer bearings. We will be making more videos in the future so please leave a comment suggesting what you want us to do.
  4. A

    Wheel Bearing Hubs For VZ - Original OR After Market??

    Am thinking of changing both front bearing hubs on my Chevy 06 LTZ - V6 3.6L [ALLOYTEC] ...... (Holden Commodore VZ 06 - V6 3.6L [ALLOYTEC]), cuz the [GrrRr....GrrRr] sound :P has started to increase just a few weeks back, while the car is driven @ around 70KM or so Am looking for, 1. (ABS...
  5. F

    2011 VE Thunder Ute - Check engine light and other worries.

    I have a 2011 SV6 VE thunder Ute, 68,000kms, Auto and stock. About 6 months ago I started hearing a hissing type noise after backing off the throttle around 4000 or higher RPM. I checked the oil and found my dipstick was dry. After taking it straight to holden for a service and check, I was...
  6. family fix it man


    Hi, I need some help please. My old VS makes a horrible clunking noise (when hot mostly) when rolling at walking speed. (Reverse worse) I have done the unis front and rear not too long ago. Bought a new centre bearing (not yet installed) (old centre bearing does not seem too bad) ,but when I...
  7. flux

    Has anyone got any insight on Allied Bearings company?

    I'm looking to replace a wheel hub for my VS Calais and was wondering if anyone had tried Allied Bearings as they seem to have high standards and a lower price than OEM ($88 + Free Postage) for the hub assembly. Also they have specialized in bearings and seals since 1982. Buy Holden Wheel...
  8. C

    Pulleys and bearings

    Hi Guys, I'm new here so hello!! I have a VX II S pack (supercharger) The car had been sitting doing nothing for around 7 months and have just had it serviced and found some items need doing, one of which is a noisy / scraping squeaking noise. From researching the forum it seems like it...
  9. S

    WH Statesman...wierd noise when accellerating off a left turn...ideas?

    Hi guys. I'm having a bit of an issue with my WH Statesman at the moment. I'm getting a strange rough/grindy sort of noise when I'm accellerating out of a left hand turn. It's only when turning left, and not only on sharpish corners, even sometimes changing lanes into the left, if I...
  10. VZ57SSZ

    [HELP How 2 replace rear wheel bearings IRS

    Hi I need help on how 2 replace the bearings in my VR the car has IRS/ABS, I have the bearing kit however need help installing them as I need 2 replace them urgently and can't afford to have them installed professionally at current. Thank you for any help