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  1. T

    [VIC] Berkleigh 2.5" Catback VS. Lukey 2.5" Catback for a VT-Spack Series II?Thoughts guys?

    Hey Im real new to this, only pickin up me car this week, and gettin me liscence this week aswell. I want to put an exhaust system on it, to get a deep, throaty sorta 5litre kinda sound? What are your thoughts between a Berkleigh 2.5" againt a Lukey 2.5"? All thoughts and comments welcome...
  2. alltorque

    VS Calais BERKLEE exhaust any good?? need reviews ASAP!

    im getting berklee exhaust system tomorrow (from catback, straight 2.5" no resonator) mixed reviews from different exhaust installer shops but could just be to gain business so need to know if anyone has had any problems or heard anything bad about them. any response awesome , cheers