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berlina commodore holden

  1. S

    Drive belt problems

    G'day ladys/gents I ordered a new belt for my 09 3.0L V6 Berlina they told me 7PK2555 will fit (repco and other websites also said the same thing) but when I went to put it in it's way to big anyone have similar problem and if so what belt do you know would fit cheers in advance team!
  2. K


    Hey guys, I'm updating all speakers in my 2006 Holden VE berlina. I was wondering if any one could tell me how many speakers there are and all the sizes please appreciate any help guys.
  3. 9

    My VR Project/hobby

    alright so, when i got my vr basically for free i expected a few things to be wrong with it, but since i don't really care about getting it road worthy and registered, i was wondering what things i could to to make it visually impressive and standout, what are some cheap mods i can do to it...
  4. 9

    Problems witth new car, help!

    hi, well i recently bought a 1994 vr berlina and i was told there were a few things wrong with it but i wasn't sure what. anyway i charged my battery because it was flat and when i went to turn it over it was just making a clicking noise and doesn't try turn over, im pretty sure the battery is...
  5. luke23

    lukes berlina

    today i picked up my first car its a series II berlina so far so good, just some clearcoat coming of in some spots and a problem with the doors locking/unlocking,didnt relise till after i got it but ahwell im happy with it and im glade i own one of my faviourite cars on the road not many...