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  1. G

    VY LS1 swap / dual fuel car

    Hey guys. My car is a VY Berlina series II auto V6. I was wondering if it’s possible to convert to LS1 if the LS1 donor car is dual fuel. Do I have to convert my Berlina to dual fuel or can I just do the conversion while staying on just petrol? Any further advice would be appreciated too guys!
  2. B

    VX Berlina V6 Auto Diff

    Hello all, I recently broke the spider gears in my diff (Most likely) and my mechanic said that it’s cheaper to find a new diff from a wreckers than to repair the gears.? So I was wondering exactly what diff is in the series 1 VX Berlina V6 Auto’s? On another note what is a stronger diff that...
  3. S

    Floor Mats - VL Berlina

    Hey guys. First post here - still trying to figure my way around the site. Just wondering whether anyone’s had any luck replacing the original floor mats in their VL? The previous owner must have thrown or lost them, and it’s abit hard to find someone willing to part with theirs. There are a...
  4. T

    Holden VE Berlina 2009 Centre Dash speaker

    Hi, I’ve recently upgraded my VE Berlina speakers and I bought myself a speaker to replace the shocking centre dash speaker but ran into a bit of trouble was hoping with the photos I’ve provided someone could help me out if the speakers I have would work or not. Cheers.
  5. M

    Want a stock full l67 system from headers back

    Hi all again, just posting an add wanting some help on the gold coast region, I'm just wondering if anyone has a stock l67 twin system exhaust from the headers back? You know like where the y piece is on the ecotec on the l67 it's a twin cat and stays twin the whole way down. If anyone has...
  6. T

    VZ Trans into VR

    Hey guys I was sold a vz auto transmission to go into my VR V6, my current trans is a 6HDD (out of a vs) but I’ve been given a 5HHD (vz). Is there any way to adapt it or am I shagged?
  7. G

    VY Berlina air con issue

    Hey guys, I’m having issues with my climate control. VY Berlina series 2, so it’s got single zone climate control. The controls and buttons themselves are working. But air is only coming out of the demister/windscreen vents. Neither hot or cold air is coming out of the front dash fascia vents...
  8. RiffRaffMama

    What brake pads do you recommend for a VX Berlina? Please vote in my poll.

    I am in (desperate) need of new front brake pads on my 2001 VX Berlina (series II) sedan. I live in the country, and travel more than 600km a week. About 500km of that is on winding, poor quality100km/h roads with a fair smattering of stupid roos I often have to brake hard to avoid. There are a...
  9. D

    VE 2007 Berlina Upgraded seats to Calais, drivers electric adjustment not working.

    Ive put calais leather seats and door trims in my Berlina plugged in the 4 plugs available but when i try to adjust the seat position nothing works, is there a manual way i can adjust as I'm the only driver so once its moved to a comfortable position i don't mind if it doesn't work, or is there...
  10. S

    VS berlina wagon roof racks on a executive?

    Hey, so I have a executive vs wagon and was wondering if berlina roof racks/rails can mount up to my executive? IMO they look cleaner than the gutter mounted ones. Cheers
  11. D

    Starting issue with 02 Berlina

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I am at wits end with my car. I have a 2002 Holden Berlin's with 230k km on the clock, and in addition to being my transportation, it is also my home. I have had a reoccurring issue with it having problems starting up, cold and hot, the engine cranks...
  12. Drgt1974

    Vt 5.0 wagon exhaust thoughts

    Hi all hope everyone is well Looking for new twin 2.5 cat back for the Vt S1 5.0 wagon It’s got hitec headers Currently got what I think is xforce as the tips are but it’s like Swiss cheese lol Holes all through mid mufflers and all through pipes It’s old Looks like had rear muffler around the...
  13. 96HRT Lowndes Tribute car

    96HRT Lowndes Tribute car

    Hi all, a few mates and I decided to build a Tribute car for Bathurst last year and did so in 3x days. The car is now in its next phase of transformation. I have just picked up a 99 S3 5ltr 5speed VS Ute to use as a driveline donor as the tribute is still a 3.8ltr auto. The Ute isn’t running...
  14. Drgt1974

    Vt series 1 5.0 error codes help

    Vt series 1 5.0 error codes help Hi all first time poster I’ve got a 97 Vt 5.0 series 1 berlina wagon Got airbag light on dash Had clock spring done 2 years ago I changed front seats few months ago for which I disconnected battery Light has never been on before now Just out of blue yesterday I...
  15. M

    VX Berlina S2 - which BCM?

    Howdy all, Does anyone know what the number code is for the VX S2 Berlina’s BCM? The manual scan floating around indicates that it’s a LUX (as you’d expect) but doesn’t actually say which model. I’ve read some stuff that makes me think it might be the 014 but I’d love to get some confirmation...
  16. A

    Suspension Advice & Oil Leaks for Blueslip

    Hi Everyone, I've recently moved down to the Snowy Mountains from QLD and need to get my car changed to NSW rego. My car is a 2004 VZ Berlina Sedan (see picture below), has about 160,000kms on it and runs well. I put it in for a Blue Slip today and it didn't pass (was expecting that) due to the...
  17. Shayluuuh

    VR inconsistent drive issues HELP

    I have an auto VR Berlina that’s just developed a VERY inconsistent problem. After it gets warmed up, if I come to a complete stop, it will not take off as it should. I can put my foot to the floor, it will not rev past 2 and a half ks and it barely crawls. Putting it in 1st, 2nd or 3rd does not...
  18. jamie tsagliotis

    Coolant leak

    Hey guys found a coolant leak just after what the part is called? Its to the left of the water pump and under the alternator with its hose connecting to the heat tap. Also would it be best to replace the part or just sealing it. Thanks heaps guys
  19. jamie tsagliotis

    Vy grinding noise

    Hey guys Recently bought a vy v6 berlina 2004 series 2 and I have just noticed at a certain rpm when revving you can hear apmost like a grinding/saw noise as soon as it hits 2500-3000Rpm Sounds like its coming from under the car beaneath where the 2 front seats are. Really dont know what it is...
  20. Paris99

    VT-VZ Commodore/Calais Sagging Glovebox

    Gday everyone, me again. My VZ Calais glovebox is sagging and Ive tried to search up how to repair it but haven't found anything. Ive heard that this is a somewhat common issue with this generation of Commodore. If anyone could give me some advice as to how to fix the sagging, it would be much...
  21. T

    VR V6 Oil Pressure Issue

    gday Guys, I’m the second owner of a 1994 Berlina V6 with 405000kms on the clock I’m wondering if anyone could explain why the oil light flickers when it’s idling and if there are any solutions to this issue. I couldn’t find any threads on the Buick engine only the 304 Cheers, Tim
  22. Myer

    Hi guys. I have a VX berlina v6 , has ignition lights, no crank no windows no locking?

    The two incoming power (orange wires) one has lost power at BCM, test plug, remote receiver. it seems as if the power is being syphoned off by another circuit. I am looking for a critical path diagram or if anyone knows what other codependent circuits/ modules/components could be interfering. I...
  23. xev_

    2001 VX Berlina - Electrical problem? Troubleshooting help?

    Hey all, long term lurker on the forum. I own a 2001 VX Berlina, all is stock on the vehicle besides my Fusion sub (built in amp), a Kenwood KDC-U346 unit and my VY SS rims. I've never had any issue with the car until the last couple weeks when I noticed my sub stopped working. I hadn't had the...
  24. J

    VZ Berlina Windows Down with Key Fob?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could let me know whether the 2004/5 VZ Berlina Sedan V6 will allow one to automatically lower the electric windows using the key fob? I know a number of manufacturers include this as a standard 'comfort-style' package... allowing you to lower the windows by...
  25. F

    Vx Surging Under Load

    Hey guys, new member here so be prepared to read :) I got my self an automatic vx v6 berlina and as with most vx' it's had it's minor faults but there been one that no one can work out. I noticed it the very first time I drove it, under heavy load it surges (no miss fire or anything) I knew...
  26. dale0908

    vs v6 berlina spring and suspension advice please!

    long time reader first time poster lads, I'm on my p's in SA and own a 96 vs berlina. long story short everything is pretty much stock so I was thinking you guys would have some knowledge on what to do and how to and your best advice on lowering it. Its still got the original 16s on it with...
  27. Z

    VT Berlina Boot Fuse Blown

    Alright guys, I have an issue with my turn signals, the fuse blows every time i indicate left so I'm guessing the wires for my left tail light are earthing out or something. Keep in mind that I have monaro tail lights fitted instead of the stock standard vt's. Thing is, I can't even get to it...
  28. C

    Vt commodore wagon 5.0 stalling HELP PLEASE

    Having stalling issues with my vt wagon at the moment. Seems to be intermittent though, my neighbour thinks possibly coil pack issue so thought I'd ask on here to see if anyone agrees or has any other suggestions. Started about a week ago, lent the car to my dad, he drove it to his place which...
  29. N

    Misc. Light Questions

    I'm just about to change a few of the smaller lights on my VE Berlina Wagon (2009) from stock to LED lights and I have a few questions that a few hours of searching haven't been able to solve (apologies if I missed a thread with the answers) 1. What kind of bulb does the light in the wagon boot...
  30. N

    Replacing VE Footwell Bulbs?

    I'd really like to replace the stock footwell light bulbs in my 2009 Berlina with some LED bulbs - does anyone know what type of bulb the stock footwell light uses, and how one would go about replacing/changing the bulb? Cheers!
  31. L

    Does anyone know how many VZ V8 6L Berlina Wagon's were built? 2007

    Pretty much as the title says. I know there weren't many at all built in the 8 cylinder and the only VZ 8 cylinder wagon was the berlina. I'm interested in finding out a bit more about how many might of been made. I've got a 2007 6 litre VZ Berlina V8 and just interested to find out how many...
  32. A

    VZ Berlina BCM

    Have everything for climate control conversion and have made up a custom loom from a Calais loom and an SVZ loom and the conversion is ready to go apart from the BCM. The Calais BCM is no good because it doesn't support a rear wiper which is essential in the wagon. Does anyone have a VZ...
  33. N

    Heat coming from dash, help?

    Hey guys I need some help. Sometimes when I drive around, I feel heat coming from the dash and underneath the steering wheel even though the vents are closed. My car doesn't overheat and I recently changed the water pump so I don't think it's that either. My heater would be off but my aircon...
  34. B

    How do you remove small spring door under radio

    Hey guys just wondering how do i remove the small spring loaded door under the radio i am vinyl wrapping my interior trims and it looks out of place with that unwrapped. thanks
  35. C

    VS Berlina 3.8L Massive Problems

    Serious issues with my car lately. Driving home about a month a go and it stalled 4 times in the space of 15 minutes. Managed to just start each time I rolled to the side and got it going. So it'll start if it's cold, but if it's been running for about 15 minutes, it won't start back up. It...
  36. A

    Wanting advice on V6 sidi exhaust

    Hi guys, still relatively new to this site. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff but I couldn't find anything specific to my enquiry. I have a 2010 berlina, 3.0L sidi. I've made it look nicer than the grandma spec it comes stock. Been lowered, tinted windows, Calais tail...
  37. G

    VY Berlina Wagon FE2 with LPG donut tank - cost to change to standard suspension?

    I've a series 1 Berlina wagon. I installed injected LPG setup about 20k ago. I know FE2 is loved but I don't like the sports suspension firmness/lowered height. LPG installer said no need to change FE2 rear springs to Holden LPG springs etc. as FE2 is more firmer & it would be ok. What's the...
  38. B

    08 Berlina legal on Green P's?

    Hi guys, im new here so be nice. just kidding. The nastier the better. Ive got my eyes on a an 08 VE Berlina but im on my Green P's for another year. Is it legal to drive this car in NSW? Thanks
  39. P

    Respray of alto grey VE

    Hi all Got an alto grey VE 2 berlina with a bull bar on it. I want it off and it leaves two square 2 x 2 inch holes under head lights. Now, cheapest option is to have the squares plastic welded and then respray the current bar. I was steered away from aftermarket bars as the fitment of...
  40. G

    Vs IRS Berlina SUPER LOW or ULTRA LOW?!

    Hey guys, dunno if I wanna go super low or ultra low! If you could post some pics that would be cool! Also I have 15" stockies on atm, possible upgrade to the 16" s2 Calais wheels! The current hubcap to lip measurement is 390mm would like it to be at least 340. Don't wanna get hassled either...