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  1. Kunu

    [ACT] HSV 19" rims (black)

    ITEM: Up for sale i have 4x 19" black HSV rims in pretty much perfect condition. Tried to load pic but failed, just ask and ill send 1 over...cheers!! LOCATION: ACT CONDITION: Used PRICE: $1600 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pick up only PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer...
  2. A

    Looking for some Car Washing Tips for my Black Calais

    Hi all! I am new to this forum as I recently bought my first holden 2 months ago. 2015 Vf Holden CalaisV in the black colour. I know there are many posts about car washing on here but I wanted to make my own thread to see if I can get my specific questions answered. I bought my Calais which...
  3. T

    White VF Ute - Black Wheels?

    Gday everyone, Just got my new 2014 VF Ute (White). Image attached. Pretty happy with it all but was thinking about changing the wheels, to something black. Currently fitted with Series 2 VE set which are in great condition. I was looking into the whole powder coat option (as it is...
  4. Vxcalaisv8

    MY06 VZ Thunder SS L98. Black.

    VZ SS Thunder - Album on Imgur Just bought this beauty. 2006 auto, upgrade model with PBR brake package and the L98 engine. 100k kms on the clock, leather interior and OTR Mafless tuned with 263rwkw. Very neat car, a dream to drive and a real head turner. Wouldn't mind a set of simmons fr20...
  5. W

    VX/VU Rims - Suggestions

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions on a set of new rims for my car. I have a black 2001 VU S Ute and I want some new rims just to make it look a bit sweeter. It's currently sitting on some 18" rims that the previous owner put on, but I personally don't like them...
  6. A

    VF Calais on 20s- Phantom Black

    Hi All; Got this baby earlier this year. Wanted to show off my first mod: the wheels! They are Lenso's Conquista5 20" x 8.5" on the front and 20" x 9.5" on the rear. Next mods: Lowered Cold air intake - Over the radiator preferable Exhaust system by XForce - check this out...
  7. uniacidz

    [NSW] Holden Commodore S PAC VYII Supercharged

    ITEM: Holden Commodore S PAC VYII Supercharged PRICE: $6700 Negotiable LOCATION: Parramatta, NSW YEAR: 2003 SERIES: VY Series 2 BADGE: S-Pac Supercharged ENGINE: 3.8L Supercharged L67 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Black EXTERIOR CONDITION: Good Condition INTERIOR CONDITION: Excellent...
  8. D

    VS Black 5 speed Manual Project!

    Hey guys, Recently Purchased a Black VS 5 speed manual ute, 2 seater. Thought this car had a lot of potential to be a really good looking ride so i thought might aswell do it up abit, Heres how i bought it The car came with the following Pacemaker Extractors. 2.5" twin...
  9. shaandooo

    2000 VS Series III S Ute

    Hey this is my first ride, pretty happy with this as it is a clean car, and mechanically A1. It is mostly stock for now. Model: 2000 VS Series S III Color: Phantom Mica Engine: 3.8L Ecotec Exhaust: Pacemaker Extractors w/ standard tailpipe Transmission: Auto Suspension...
  10. L

    Vk SL 1985 3.3l IDEAS?

    Picked up at VK 1985 model, 4 spd manual, 3.3l - not fuel injected. car is perfect condition, no rust what-so-ever, interior is blue, perfect condition. 113k on speedo, motor runs beautiful. Planning to keep it as 6cyl manual, anyone got any ideas what I can do to this little motor to get...
  11. C

    [SA] Black 2002 CV8 Monaro

    ITEM: 2002 CV8 V2 Holden Monaro PRICE: 23,000 negotiable LOCATION: SA, Hallett Cove YEAR: 2002 SERIES: V2 BADGE: Monaro ENGINE: 8 cylinder Petrol Aspirated 5.7 L (5665 cc) TRANSMISSION: 4spd Auto COLOUR: Black EXTERIOR CONDITION: Excellent INTERIOR CONDITION: Very...
  12. W

    Black 2005 WL Statesman.

    I just had this delivered last night after purchasing the car on Saturday. A 2005 Holden Statesman. Having previously come from the Soarer community, and after that, being landed with a Miata, this is the upgrade I was looking for. I spent 12 months looking for this exact car -- big, black...
  13. W

    WL Statesman headunit replacement - good, factory-looking double din?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a matt black OEM CLEAN looking double din stereo with nav, and a USB for a 2005 WL Statesman. So far I've looked at the: Kenwood ddx-419 Dynavin products (my favourite looking, all bad reviews, though.) I use an iPhone. Minus $1000 for the unit...
  14. D

    thoughts on DIY gloss black spray painted rims?

    Thinking of spray painting my stock sv6 rims gloss black, and was curious to anyone elses thoughts? and any tips thanks:)
  15. G

    Glase's S2 VT S Pack

    G'day, i thought i'd start a thread on my current car which as the title states is a S2 VT S Pack. Name: Nathan Age: 17 Model: Series II VT S Pack Year: 1999 Price: $3,700 Odometer: 160,000 Colour: Panther Mica Engine: 3.8L Ecotec V6 Exhaust: 2.5" Lukey Cat Back (Without Resonator)...
  16. moocow

    respraying vs berlina alloys?

    my vs berlina has stock alloys and I'm seriously tempted to respray them black. just wondering what your opinions are and how exactly I would go about doing this? if anyone has done this some pics and or tips would be fantastic =)
  17. T

    1998 black vt calais

    My First Car 1998 VT CALAIS Model: VT Calais series 1 Engine: Ecotec V6 Trans: Auto Kilometres: 220,xxx Colour: Raeven Interior: - Electric windows - Electric front seats - Cruise control - Driver and passenger air bags - Woodgrain - Sunroof Suspension: - Rear: SSL - Front: SL...
  18. 9

    2006 VZ Thunder S

    Model: VZ Thunder S Color: Phantom Black Engine: Alloytech 175 Engine Mods: Stock V6 Exhaust: Stock Gearbox: 6 Speed Manual Diff: LSD Wheels: Stock Thunder 18's Suspension: Rear ultra lows, front super lows Future Mods: Head unit and splits Tinted windows Tune
  19. J

    Matte or Gloss Black?

    so... i just bought my VY series 2 S Ute and i want to get it looking okay, lowering and exhaust and stuff will come later but for now i want to paint up those rims... what do you think? matte or gloss black??? need your oppinions.... and yes i know its just a screenshot of the carsales...
  20. T

    Information Please!!

    New member to the site, would appreciate anyones incite to this enquiry.. A close friend of mine has recently purchased a 89 Series 1 vn calais v8 in factory Tuxedo Black over silver. I have owned quite a few early model calais, and have never seen one in black before. After making a enquiry to...
  21. M

    reverse camera intermittent black screen

    I picked up my SV6 series II on Tuesday and when I did, the reverse camera just had a black screen (with the red/yellow/green overlay), but no picture. The sales rep tried a few times and as we pulled into the service area, the screen was fuzzy, but still not viewable. The service guy just...
  22. MR 1JZ

    [SA] VU SS II - Black, Manual, Leather

    ITEM: VU SS Series 2 PRICE: PRICE DROP $14900!! LOCATION: SA - Prospect YEAR: 2001 SERIES: VU Series 2 BADGE: SS ENGINE: LS1 TRANSMISSION: Manual COLOUR: Black EXTERIOR CONDITION: Exterior is good, tailgate has a couple of small dents and stonechips INTERIOR CONDITION: Condition is...
  23. P

    My VE SV6 Phantom Black Sedan

    My VE SV6 Phantom Black Sedan Model: 2009 VE SV6 Engine Type: 3.6L V6 Transmission: 5 SPD Automatic Wheels: 18" Future Mods: SSL's Front Lip 35% Red Tint Bee-Sting Antenna Walkingshaw Bonnet Painting my Calipers tommorow:) going red! Tell me what you...
  24. P

    Painting My Holden Badge

    Hey to start i didnt really know where the right place to post would be, just wondering peoples opinions on painting the lion black on the back of a Phantom Black VE ? would it look a bit silly? Cheers
  25. BigBoss

    Black Omega with Chrome?

    Hey all, What do you think about slapping some chrome highlights on my omega? I was thinking boot strip (series 2 style) Door handles and possibly mirror covers This is how she looks now.
  26. M

    Velour Black Interior Colour????

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows whether any of the models from VB through to VL came out with a black interior? Or moreso black seats? I ask this as I'm looking at buying some seats and they seems to be the same velour material that was in a vl executive but black. And they are...
  27. Mattde

    Painting dash

    Hey all, just looking for some general opinions. I currently have an all grey VX interior: handles, vents etc. but iv seen a few write-ups on painting door handles/ dash parts. most ppl paint their's silver but i was wondering what everyone thought of doing some parts black? so this would...
  28. BigBoss

    My Omega Mods

    Model: 2008 Omega Colour: Phantom Black Engine: V6 Transmission: Auto Mods: Projector and DRL headlights, SSV tail lights, HID High and low beam, Custom grill, SSV AFM exhaust, G8 diffuser, White interior lighting, iPad mini intergration, Front Splits, Sub and amp, Boot lip spoiler, SS rims...
  29. M

    VK Tacho to Blue Motor

    I have been getting some work done to quell the rust and leaks in my VK's boot. While she’s been out of action I’ve decided to finally look into fitting a stock tacho in favour of the infamous vacuum gauge! I took the cluster out and have had it re-conditioned (looks near new!). The new...
  30. BT91WA

    [WA] 18" Black VY SS Rims

  31. premium

    VK Speed

    Hi, You guys are going to think I'm absurd but I have a scenario: Unlimited time and money, I want to make my VK 202 as fast as physically possible. NO FUEL-INJECTION! and No V8s. Apart from those two rules, anything goes.
  32. DAVIDC

    [VIC] 86' Nissan 300ZX Turbo

    ITEM: This is a Z31 nissan 300ZX turbo Targa Top, I believe it is a 86' model but not 100% sure. This car was bought less than a year ago for a project but moved on to other things because recently after the purchase the car was hit by hail (the vn commodore protected a lot of the 300Zx, RIP...
  33. cds

    [VIC] FS: Wrecking Black VT Commodore

    ITEM: Parts from a Wreaked VT Black Commotore S Pac LOCATION: VIC - South Eastern CONDITION: Used (230,00km car) PRICE: Please see list below. If item not listed ask as may have on the car still. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: PAYMENT OPTIONS: Pick-up and pay (Will Post at buyers expense)...
  34. dmar


    Figured after hanging around here randomly for the past 2 years or so, i should post a thread if only to help people considering black on black or anything to do with my setup vz commodore executive 18 inch monza wheels ssl kings front sl kings back solartint %30 (i think, whatevers legal) lion...
  35. mrc25381

    Your opinion

    I have a car I'm fixing up (Commodore of course) and I'm thinking of placing a huge white decal sticker of my fav band's logo on the bonnet (which is black). What do you think?
  36. VK SL 3800

    Vk Vacuum Tree

    Hi guys, The rear Vacuum tree thing decided to snap off on me and has left the thread end in the manifold, i replaced the front on only a week ago as it did the same thing but had great difficulty cleaning out the thread, and at the rear if you cant get it to unsrew as one piece its gonna be...
  37. V

    308 black, blue, red???

    hey, got a 308 in a vk with a carby. just wondering how do i tell if its a black blue or red motor. dont really understand the whole colour thing so yer and explanation would help, cheers.

    backyard tuning black carbed 202

    hi i have a black carbed 202 in a vk and was wondering do you have any easy backyard tuning tips for it just untill i get the cash for a new engine for it thanks
  39. V

    black VS commodoree!

    hey guys, this is my 1996 vs Executive, new to this site so i thought i would post a few photos and up for any advice on what to do next as its my first car, cheers, Matty. Engine: V6 Eco, High Flow Injectors Km: 190,000 Exterior: King Superlow Spring (looking to go ultra-low) w/...
  40. surfy31

    black vu

    iv had it about a month now, got it for my 18th. the only mod had done on it was a sports clutch (its manual :):yeah: i want to dump it first. then start getting into performance mods. i dont have all the money in the world so whats best bang for my buck? hit us up with anything!