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  1. W

    VE SSV ute 2008 blaupuckt going dead

    Hi I have this problem where my screen that goes blank all of a sudden and radio, gps screen goes dead. bluetooth will cut out. then anytime after 5min to hours will come back on. Sometimes all will be blank seemingly all off then if I receive a call it will come through the bluetooth the...
  2. some_evil

    Blaupunkt NY800 Head Unit - No Bluetooth/phone Audio

    Hi All, I have a NY800 headunit by Blaupunkt, just recently the head unit stopped playing the audio from my connected phone. The phone connects via bluetooth fine, I can make a call and receive calls and they display on the HU no worries, but there is no audio coming through speakers when...
  3. J

    Replacing Standard Blaupunkt Headunit

    Looking to replace me headunit, wanting to get a full touchscreen installed instead of the standard head unit. Wanted to know if anybody has done this and what size screen they got.
  4. B

    VY head unit

    I am trying to get rid of my old Blaupunkt head-unit from my 2004 VY Executive II and was wondering what other types of commodores it would fit into?
  5. caz_sidi

    Blaupunkt sat nav headunit

    hey fellas, just wondering if the sat nav that's standard in the ss and/or the ssv models can be bought? and would it be able to be fitted to a sv6? cheers
  6. caz_sidi

    Genuine Headunit

    hey fellas just wondering if the ve blaupunkt sat nav headunit that comes standard in the ss's or the ssv's can be bought? and will in fitt straight into a sv6? cheers
  7. tHe_sTiG

    Burning CDs for your factory Blaupunkt headunit

    Hi fellas, I thought to write this little thread since I haven't seen it lurking around in the forums. I've noticed that the Blaupunkt headunit in the VZ is very picky with CDs. It only seems to accept the genuine audio CDs. In most cases it will not play CDs that are burned in your...
  8. Wiggy82

    Genuine VZ Blaupunkt head unit with bluetooth and iPod Connection.

    Is it possible to buy a genuine Blaupunkt head unit with Bluetooth and iPod connection for my VZ ? i have seen the DIY iPod connection guids but would rather have a genuine head unit with Bluetooth as i do not and will not ever have an iPod/phone (the iPod connection would be for when the hugs...
  9. boordy_23

    [SA] VY/VZ Blaupunkt 6 CD stacker (broken)

    ITEM: 2003 VY Berlina grey facia 6 stacker Blaupunkt CD player. - The CD stacker/player is no longer working as it read Mech-Error and was pulled apart to remove CD's. - Before removal the Radio, aerial controls etc. etc. all worked fine. - Selling due to finding a replacement 6 stacker...
  10. A

    Lumina S DVD Modification Help

    Hi all, I have searched high and low for answers but i cant find any info... does anyone know how to put a dvd player/touchscreen mod into this car? the blaupunkt CD is covering the front with ac controls embedded into the panel so how can i change it? i dont mind cutting the plastic or...
  11. MEESEN

    Vy Head Unit Mod

    Gday, Im thinking about doing your GTO Hard Wire Mod (http://www.thelug.com/radio/gtoradio.html) to my VYs Head Unit (Blaupunkt) but was just wondering if by putting a pre amp in between would it then improve the audio quality? Ive heard that with this mod unless u have your mp3 player...
  12. VesperZ

    [NSW] FS: Blaupunk 6 Stacker Head Unit TEMPEST

    ITEM: This is the original Blaupunkt 6 stacker head unit out of my VZ Berlina in TEMPEST. LOCATION: Sydney, NSW CONDITION: Used PRICE: $125.00 FIRM DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will post anywhere to Australia for $25 registered or you can pickup the item from Parramatta, Sydney area...
  13. D

    Blaupunkt Sat Nav DVD Update

    I am looking for the new version of the DVD for the Blaupunkt Sat Nav Holden put in the VEs - I currently have Version 14. Holden are looking to charge over $750 for the new DVD!!! This is outrageous! It doesn't even have speed & red light cameras on it!!! I would be willing to go in...