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  1. Dechlan Tutty

    Are VY/VZ side indicators the same as Astra ones?

    Hi everyone, I've recently plasti-dipped my badges black on my VZ SV6 and now the clear/white looking side indicators look out of place above the, now black, V6 logo. I was looking on eBay for some smoked/tinted/black ones, but could only find a set that was like $240, which is ridiculous...
  2. SV6 Matt

    09 SV6 ute flute blinlers.

    How.do.I access the.wires.to my.fender flute blinkers, I've just purchased some new side mirrors with LED blinkers in them, and I've organised an auto electrician to help me install them, but in.order to.do so I need to remove my door trim, feed the wires through there and through the.grommet at...
  3. S

    Left Front Blinker problem

    My front Left blinker isnt working, ive replaced the bulb, the remaining blinkers work, and the rear left flashes double speed. the wires at the bulb are all connected and there is no power getting to it. Of note, i recently put in a subwoofer and amplifier and i had to shift some stuff (which...
  4. mrc25381

    LED Blinkers

    If you replace all your turn signal globes with LED's, don't you need resistors on each of them due to the lack of amps they pull?
  5. heggsy

    vs commodore??

    do any vs commodores come out with clear side indicators? i thought that some did but i cant seem to find anything about it and i got defected for it :(
  6. VZ57SSZ

    VR - Blinkers buzzing noise and car stalling

    Hey everyone I have a weird problem with my VR, one day I was coming up to a set of lights and put my right blinker on to turn, then there was a buzzing noise from behind my steering wheel and the car stalled. I then went to put my hazards on and it buzzed again and the hazard lights did not...