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  1. sundaydriver

    [SOLVED] Blue 202 won't warm/hot start/idle

    UPDATE (22/01/17 12:30PM) - skip to here to see what's been eliminated so far.- UPDATE (23/01/17 19:10) - Solved. Got a stock 83 VH blue 202 (Varajet II carb.) Have done a full carby clean (but not rebuild) and replaced mount gaskets recently (to fix a vacuum leak), had a run through of...
  2. Mrk_Mickey

    [NSW] WTB VE Canopy, Sydney

    DESCRIPTION: Want to Buy ITEM: Painted canopy to suit VE commodore ute (no rough surface finish canopies - smooth painted versions only please) COLOUR: Voodoo Blue preferred LOCATION: Sydney, NSW CONDITION: ''Good'' or better - no major damage DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will...
  3. F

    Colour code help!

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone could tell me if B168 is the correct colour code of the car. Trying to buy new mirrors for it, but not sure on colour code. Cheers everyone!
  4. dashdown98

    Painting Speaker Pods?

    I had VS Commodore speaker pods installed into my VP recently. I tried to match up the colours as best I could but the blue interior of my car is a lot darker than the pods I installed. Is there somewhere I could get vinyl paint matched up to my darker blue? Or just paint them red like my roof...
  5. GetToDaChopa

    Holden VH 202 Blue Emissions Setup Guide TVS stuff

    This is for a VH 202 6 Cyl Blue Engine with auto transmission, but maybe useful for other models too. When i was setting mine up i realy had a hard time finding an engine with a proper setup and finding a diagram online was difficult. So why spend time looking when i've already done it. here is...
  6. O

    OHBUST.... VS Vacationer

    Name: Harley My Age: 18 Model: 1995 VS Vacationer Colour: Velvet BlueMica Kilometers: 290,000 -.- Engine Type: 3.8L V6 Ecotec Power: Unknown Exhaust: Genie extractors into standard cat with Lukey 2.5 inch cat back Gearbox: Automatic Brakes: Stock Suspension: Unknown. Back end is...
  7. salute the ute

    My Perfect Blue SV6 Ute

    Name: Nathan Model: SV6 Type: Ute Year: 2011 MY12 Colour: Perfect Blue Bodykit: Standard SV6 with SSV MY12 Front Bar Engine Type: LFX 3.6 L SIDI V6 Engine Mods: Walkinshaw CAI with straight through intake pipe, oil catch can Power: 210 KW Exhaust: 2.5" Varex Catback system...
  8. GIJoel

    My 1999 Botanica VT Berlina

    Hey I'm Joel, I'm 19 as of starting this thread, I hail from Wonga Park (John Farnam lives here too :D) and I sponge off my parents income while trying to get into Army Cavalry. Anyway enough of me, this thread is about my first car. Bought for $7k with 160,000km and 5 year warranty from a...
  9. B

    What rims to get on my Turismo blue sv6?

    Hey guys, I've got a Turismo blue sv6 and I've got no idea what rims to get, Thinking 18"s or 19"s, can't decide on white or black but I'm. Steering towards the white, wanna spend the limit to about 1600 max? (with tires hopefully) If you guys could give us some suggestions and prices And...
  10. Scheme

    $750 VN WAGON - Project

  11. M

    VK Tacho to Blue Motor

    I have been getting some work done to quell the rust and leaks in my VK's boot. While she’s been out of action I’ve decided to finally look into fitting a stock tacho in favour of the infamous vacuum gauge! I took the cluster out and have had it re-conditioned (looks near new!). The new...
  12. JSTCOZ

    VT-S pack: p plater's pride and joy :D check it out!

    VT S p-plater - Check it out! Name: Matt G Model: Holden Commodore VT S-Pack II 2000 Engine: 3.8 Ecotec V6 Colour: Bermuda Blue Rims: 16" VT S-Pack rims (stocks) Transmission: Auto Price: $6000 Km's: 150,000 Mods car already had: - window tint - tow bar External Visual Mods: -...
  13. DAVIDC

    [VIC] Wrecking VN Commodore/Lexcen V6: RIMS+MORE!

    ITEM: Wrecking my 89 VN Toyota Lexcen/ Holden Commodore. A lot of parts still available LOCATION: Rowville, Melbourne CONDITION: Used PRICE: Parts range from $5 to $300 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can post parts at buyers expense or be picked up from Rowville, Melbourne. PAYMENT OPTIONS...
  14. RichoKidd

    How much Blue is too much Blue?!?!?

    I have a small problem. As most of you know my VT is the standard Bermuda Blue. I am looking at modifying my interior and well I'm stuck for ideas as to which colour goes with the Bermuda. Is it possible to over do it with the blue? Blue dash, Blue LED's in the cluster, Blue Footwells Blue...
  15. V

    308 black, blue, red???

    hey, got a 308 in a vk with a carby. just wondering how do i tell if its a black blue or red motor. dont really understand the whole colour thing so yer and explanation would help, cheers.
  16. Peter89

    Just another blue wagon, VN '90

    1990 VN Executive Wagon Basics: -Dark Blue -Auto -210,000kms -V6 3.8L The Different: -new front discs + VP HSV brakes + 1 & 1/8th master cylinder. (better but not great) -Roh 15x7 +35 running 215/65/15 continentals, painted (canned) gloss black. -powerchip installed back in early 90s -series...
  17. joshc236

    where can i get a Blue 308 to fit a VH

    does anyone no where i can get a blue 308 to fit a 1982 4 speed VH?