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  1. Z31na

    Siri's no longer eyes free...

    Noticed since the last update to iPhones in August that Siri eyes free (the long press on the steering wheel talk button) has stopped working properly. Mine used to just light up the little voice box on the Mylink screen but now the Mylink thinks the phone is on a call which causes all sorts of...
  2. Jason123


    Hi Does anyone know anything about them OBE ii diagnostic bluetooth modules ? And What is a good app to use with them for a VZ?
  3. James007


    G'day all, Just needing some help with a few questions cheers! 1. Just bought this car used a few days ago and haven't been checking out some of the features and came across this. From my understanding, it is aftermarket and not plugged in so I have no idea its use. PICTURE BELOW!!! 2...
  4. AiiDynBrus

    Bluetooth Artist Name?

    Only had my VE for 2 days now and I only play music through Bluetooth but it doesn’t show artist name at all? I can only pause and skip songs on the Display? No Artist info etc, any way to show song name and other info? My car is: 2011 Holden Commodore VE Series II
  5. R

    Fitting Bluetooth Module to '06 Ve Omega Commodore

    Hey i have a '06 Ve Omega, trying to install the Bluetooth module just wondering what i need. Just purchased the Module and mic on ebay for $45 (https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/HbQAAOSwLaZZrND9/s-l500.jpg) Do i need to purchase a T or Y cable or something ive seen on another post but didnt really...
  6. A

    Prrot mki9200 install ve coomodore calais-v 2007

    Hi everyone, First post, have read heaps but havnt been able to get an answer anywhere.. I have a holden Commodore ve Calais-v 2007 sedan and have a parrot MKI9200 and trying to install, i tried to use an ISO harness between the head unit and parrot box but lost my ability to use aircon...
  7. RazzleDazzle

    Location for the bluetooth phone mic

    Does anyone have a bluetooth mic installed for there stereo phone. I have one in the new stereo and currently its on the end of a 3 meter cord that's rolled up under the dash. Where's a good position for the mic and just how good are they at picking up your voice. I've never used one in a car...
  8. J

    VE Commodore 2011 - Bluetooth Module Failure

    Hi all I have had my 2011 VE SV6 for 2 years now. I have always had some minor issues with bluetooth, for example if I was making a call, I had to switch from Bluetooth to Speaker then back to Bluetooth on an iPhone 5S, otherwise the audio just went through the phone (believe that's a common...
  9. A

    Turn off bluetooth

    Hey all, I've installed an Alpine stereo with bluetooth and all works fine but the original VE bluetooth still tries to connect and its bloody annoying, I was wondering if you can turn it off or pull a fuse?
  10. D

    Ve Commodore Steering Wheel Controls Help

    Hi Chaps, I have a problem that I'm wondering if you guys have any idea about? I have a 07 VE Omega and I have just purchased a Alpine CD-E 147BT headunit and Axxess Steering wheel control kit. All hooked up and works great, but (always a but isnt there?) when I press the phone button on the...
  11. S

    2008 SV6 - Bluetooth Music?

    Hey guys! New member here. So I picked up a 2008 SV6 today which I'm super happy with. One thing I was wondering though, I can pair my phone to the Vehicle BT but it doesn't seem to stream music through the car system, just connect my phone functions. Is this right? Phone function only via...
  12. K

    Need help with VE headunit & current Clarion

    Hi guys, So i had a mate disconnect my VE's headunit and attached a Clarion headunit in replace of it... The VE stereo is still connected and alive but does not operate.. obviously the Clarion now controls the speakers/amp/sub which is indeed what i wanted. However i want to have my actual...
  13. M

    VE2 IQ Bluetooth issues "Voice In"

    Hello all, been reading the forums and its great source of knowledge so I hope you can help me with my problem. I can successfully connect my phone to the IQ system and make calls, and phone book comes up fine. But very regularly the music cuts out and "Voice In" appears. It doesn't go away...
  14. DavoTheGreat

    JVC 2011 - 2012 head unit poor bluetooth audio quality

    Hi All, I installed a JVC KW-XR816 into my VZ Clubsport back in March and for the most part I'm pleased with the unit. What I'm not so happy about is I receive a number of complaints from people on the other end of bluetooth phone calls saying I sound like I'm talking in a drain or other...
  15. B

    Iphone 4s firmware 5.1 problem with Holden IQ

    After updating my Iphone 4S to os 5.1 now cannot make calls thru the holden IQ system using voice dialing it makes the call but doesnt connect thru bluetooth. Use to work before the update ?????
  16. V

    crewman Bluetooth

    hey guys I've got a parrot ck3000 Bluetooth device and need to wire it up to my vz crewman. can anyone give me a wiring diagram or how to do this. thanks.
  17. H

    Holden vs Aftermarket Handsfree - Bluetooth Digitized Voice

    2007 VE SS Have this annoying problem with the bluetooth module Ive paired a number of different phones and anyone I call complaims of an R2D2 Digitized and broken up voice. I have played around with the speaker settings etc. to no avail. As out of warranty I am tossing up between getting...
  18. A

    VE SS Blaupunkt Bluetooth Connects BUT NO "Voice In" Displays

    I purchased an 07 VE SS Sedan a couple of weeks ago and when I attempted to connect my iPhone 4 to it via Bluetooth the Connection was seamless. I am able to connect the iPhone to the "Vehicle BT" and when I use the Phone Button on the steering wheel it will interact (1 press = voice control...
  19. Wiggy82

    Genuine VZ Blaupunkt head unit with bluetooth and iPod Connection.

    Is it possible to buy a genuine Blaupunkt head unit with Bluetooth and iPod connection for my VZ ? i have seen the DIY iPod connection guids but would rather have a genuine head unit with Bluetooth as i do not and will not ever have an iPod/phone (the iPod connection would be for when the hugs...
  20. L

    Bluetooth compatibility with GPS

    Hi! I was just wondering if the bluetooth system in my car is compatible with aftermarket GPS systems? ie. Can you connect your GPS so it plays through your car stereo. I just got a tomtom GPS with bluetooth and cant connect to my cars bluetooth. I'm guessing that the cars bluetooth can...
  21. SUSS8

    [VIC] Fs immaculate vt berlina

    Vt sold Vt sold to one lucki owner
  22. L

    VE Commodore Omega Upgrades

    Hello, I've just bought a VE commodore Omega 2006. (My first ever car purchased....the last one was a 1994 EF falcon for my 21st 5 years ago lol). Anyway... I want to do things to this car.....However I have a 3 year manufactures warranty on the car and i dont want to void it (unless the...
  23. F

    Omega's and BT Phone

    Hey there all, bit of a newbie here. Recently bought an 07 omega and was just wondering how anyone else went with connecting their mobile to the Blue Tooth hands free. More to the point whether or not It is standard on all models. Tried it on both my mobile (LG KC910) and the Missus' phone...
  24. J

    Caprice Bluetooth

    I have a BlueAnt talkpad bluetooth car kit from our previous car. Now with WK Caprice can I install it using the spare wires provided to the right of the glovebox on passenger side? If so, does anyone have the wiring diagram for the half a dozen of so wires that are available to use?