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body control module

  1. T

    2010 VE SS Utility Series 2 BCM part number

    Hi everyone. Recently have ran into issues with my BCM on my 2010 Holden Commodore SSS Ute. Power windows not working, indicators not working and car thinking the door is closed when it’s opened. I’ve sourced out a website where I can send my damaged one and they will copy it onto a new one but...
  2. D

    Fuel Pump isn't Running

    Got a 2002 VX SS (Gen III LS1) it will crank but won't start by itself. If given power to the fuel pump through an external source or giving the rails fuel through an external source it will fire and run fine. It threw code "theft deterrent fuel circuit enable" or something similar once on my...
  3. M

    No alram after changing bcm

    I have recently upgraded my bcm from a 315 low bcm to a 212 Mid bcm and have relinked them with my tech 2 since then no matter what i do the alram will not trigger or go off.. it used to go off with my orginal bcm but not with this one.. it does seem to make some sort of nosie alram nosie...
  4. C

    Bcm help, vt v6 ecotec swap for supercharged l67 vy...

    Hello i have a series 1 vt commodoore, the engine is just about dead so i bought a VY supercharged V6 i have everything with it the fuel pump, the computer, wiring harness the whole lot but i was informed i cant just drop the engine into my vt as it wont start something about the BCM Body...
  5. B

    Question about replacing the Body Control Module.

    I have a '95 VR Ute. I went to get a new key cut from Holden and they had troubles with it, So they booked my car in to get looked at. They frigged around with this, that and everything else and have now hit me up with an $840 bill, and my car is unable to be started. I've already been...
  6. H

    VR Berlina BCM Fault Maybe?

    Hi, My partner came home complaining the car drivers window would not go up. I got on here and found out how to bypass everything to put it up. Now I notice that the central locking doesnt work at all. I suspect that its the bcm. The other windows wind fine. So does this sound like its...