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body kit

  1. U

    New Project Car

    For a few years I've been contemplating the idea of a project car but never settled on one. About a week ago, a friend who owns a 2004 Lumina SS (that he practically left for dead in his garage) couldn't find a way to get rid of it, so I offered to take it off of his hands for a small fee. And...
  2. Burning rubber

    VX Equipe water in oil

    Hi all I have just bought a VX S Pack Holden By Design with presume totaled motor. Thing is infact its fine just water in the oil, it was thought to be a head gasket but how would water get in the oil if it was a head gasket? Is it more likey to be a manifold gasket? And is there a way to check...
  3. Limited Edition 1992 Excutive VP Holden Commodore

    Limited Edition 1992 Excutive VP Holden Commodore

    My pride and joy. Only 1 owner for 23 years before my brother bought it for me in December 2014 as a Christmas present. Immaculate interior, starting to rust on the outside body and colour fading from original owners half ass paint work. Supposedly has an LSD chip *cough* (bullshit) *cough*
  4. D

    Can 2011 senator body parts fit 2011 sv6

    Just curious if anyone out there knows if the 2011 ve senator front bumper and grill will fit on 2011 ve sv6, i know most people hate mix matches hsv parts with sv6's but i'm a p plater, can't afford a real senator and just wanna do something different with my car. I've been looking through the...
  5. J

    Body kit related

    Hey there, Im new to being a holden owner, Im just trying kit it out and was wondering if a sedan kit would fit a ute, i have a ute and was looking at a VS VR VN VP club sport body kit and was wondering if the side skirts/rear bumper would fit, i know the front will but would the rest? Please help
  6. spinking

    extended bonnet/angry eyes

    hopefully you guys can see these attachments! :computer: there's a post on here of a tidy looking black Ute vz or vy cant remember, with an extended bonnet and i'm having trouble finding the thread, i didn't get the chance to ask him how the hell he did it where he got it what it cost weather...
  7. D

    eBay: "street-commodores" body kit

    Hi, has anyone ever bought a body kit from this seller?? I was wondering what the quality is like as I have seen some very dodgy aftermarket ones lol. cheers
  8. taylooor

    [VIC] Vt ss body kit for sale

    ITEM: VT SS body kit for sale. Good condition, few scratches and that but nothing that cant be touched up. Missing rear bumper as someone ran into me. Currently in blue but can be painted. My mate is also selling an immaculate condition rear bumper for only $70 therefore you could grab the whole...
  9. taylooor

    [VIC] Vt ss body kit for sale

    ITEM: VT SS BODY KIT FOR SALE. In good condition, few scratches etc but only on the under side. Its currently in blue but could easily be painted to match your car. Only downside is that this kit doesn't involve the rear bumper, its rat sh*t from when someone ran up my ass! I have a mate...
  10. taylooor

    Someone colour code my VT SS body kit for me!

    Hey guys, Im after someone to colour code my VT SS body kit to white (cant remember the colour code off the top of my head but I have it) Im in south-east Melbourne, And I already have a few quotes. Someone beat these quotes and do it for me for cheap? :) Cheers!
  11. L

    Can someone help me find the company that makes this VY clubsport rear bar-fiberglass

    I bought the vy a few weeks ago with an aftermarket fiberglass clubby kit, someone ran up the back of me on the weekend and i can't find the same company that made my kit. insurance company wont replace it with a different or standard one said they'll only pay for the exact same kit. if...
  12. taylooor

    List of mods, but where do I go?

    Hey guys, here are some things im doing to my VT in the coming month or two; - VT SS body kit - VX Rear Garnish - Monaro Tail Lights - Adding another sub to my boot Who could I go to in order for them to get it all done for the cheapest price, preferably all at the same time? I could...
  13. taylooor

    In need of a courier service from Goulburn NSW to Melbourne VIC.

    Hey guys, Im buying a VT SS bodykit from a guy in Goulburn NSW, but I live in the south east suburbs of Victoria. Anyone know how I would go about organising a courier to get the job done? I've had a look at a few quotes online but it's hard to get an estimate due to the shape and...
  14. taylooor

    Thinking of doing this to my VT.

    Hey guys, Thinking of doing my stock standard VT up a bit. In the process of buying a VT SS body kit to replace the ugly blackish grey side skirts etc that are already on it. And this is the body kit I am going to buy. Do the blackish grey stock 'body kit' bits (as shown in picture 1) just...
  15. J

    VY HSV Clubsport VP Aftermarket Front Bar Doesn't Fit VP?

    Hey, Here's the story... I got a VY HSV Clubsport body kit for my birthday a year ago off my mates. They got it a little cheaper than most sell for brand new off ebay, and they bought it for my VP. I never got around to fitting it, (the closest was sitting it near and around my car to see how it...
  16. T

    Astra 88 Aero Body Kit

    Trying to hunt down a body kit for my 1988 SLX Astra. They were actually installed on the S2 models, but unfortunately mine wasn't one of them. Am trying to hunt down the Aero body kits that are available somewhere for the Astra. Anyone found any floating around the web?
  17. makdaddz

    Monaro kit on a vt exec.

    hey guys, just wondering, will a manaro front bar and all fit on a VT EXEC ? get my car on saturday, just wondering what would be the go to have the manaro front bar, another question is, what side skirts and rear bar should i use? its my first car, so just wondering what you guys think
  18. All style

    Where can i get a body kit for my stock 1995 VR ACCLAIM

    Where can i find a place in Brisbane ( sourounding areas ) and walk in bye a body kit for my 1995 VR ACCLAIM ???? i have looked like 10 places on the net and all of it crap, or if anywon has a site they can recomend to me that would be grate thanks...
  19. All style

    what body kit will fit my 95 VR Acclaim

    i want to know what body kit will fit my 95 vr acclaim ?? and is it a bolt on job or will cutting and fitting be nessery i want to get it sprayed also whats the price for a spray job ? and whats the normal price for a body kit ? thanks
  20. K

    Does anyone know where i could purchase a Vy Calais Series II bodykit from?

    Any suggestions of places i could purchase a Vy Calais Series II bodykit from, would be appreciated. thanks.
  21. N

    Genuine Body Kit To Suit VZ

    Anyone know where i can purchase a plastic bodykit for my VZ in? Either Club-sport or SV6, preferred in melborune. Got a quote for clubsport; front bar , rear bar , side skirts , clips, fog-lights & rear numberplate for $2750
  22. J

    VN parts to VR

    Im thinking of buying a VN with full body kit and the low-suspension Will the body kit and the struts and shocks fit in my VR?
  23. H

    just got a vl wagon 5spd

    i was wondering if i can bolt say a vn clubsport or ss kit to my vl or something different like that any ideas?
  24. L

    [VIC] Vy Clubsport Body Kit Suit VT Commodore

    ITEM: Vy Clubsport Body Kit Suit VT Commodore LOCATION: Geelong,VIC CONDITION: New in grey primer PRICE: On eBAy Item #150380336855 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Free delivery to Geelong, otherwise its pick-up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, PayPal, Funds Transfer CONTACT DETAILS...
  25. C

    VR/VS SS Body kits

    Hi guys, as the title suggests I am after an SS body kit for my 1996 VS sedan. There seems to be tonnes of clubsport and VX/VZ clubsport body kits to suit VR/VS's, whether they are genuine or non-genuine. But there seems to be sweet bugger all SS kits out there. Is there a company that...
  26. I

    Where to buy a HSV grange Body kit Online?

    Dear All, I live in the Middle East & I bought a Chevy Caprice Royal = (Holden Caprice fully loaded). I've absolutely loved the car, except the exterior... I want to upgrade it to look more sporty. so I though it would be nice to upgrade the look of my car with the best OEM body kit for...