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  1. G-Wizard

    Series 1/2 body compatibility

    Hi all, I purchased a red VE SS sedan series 1 a few months ago with a bit of body damage. I am looking at replacing the following parts through second hand buys/wreckers. -Front Bumper - I am aware through researching here that S2 front bars are not compatible with the S1 due to the lights and...
  2. N

    New throttle body

    I need to replace my throttle body on my 06 Calais and I was just wondering would I need to get it tuned after I change it? I'm thinking of going to the wreckers and getting one from an old VZ would that make any difference from buying a brand new one?
  3. Revhigh

    VZ V6 Alloytec 190 SV6 & Executive 175 Stealth Controllers (Throttle Boosters)

    For the VZ V6 guys that are sick of throttle lag, these suit the Holden VZ V6 High Feature Alloytec now. Revhigh Checkout the reviews on our facebook page!! :) https://www.facebook.com/revhigh.obsessions.5/?fref=ts
  4. L

    l67 standard parts?

    Hey guys ... asked around in the l67 forums of facebook with no answer. just wondering what the standard size of the throttle body is for a L67 vt commie. and the Injectors LB for L67. tried googling all this with no answers again.
  5. Mk III the HSV

    [VE] Clean VE 3.6ltr Throttle Body

    Had a look on the forum the other day for anything relating to cleaning the throttle body on a 3.6ltr. I was having trouble removing the wiring loom to the throttle body. I eventually got it off and thought I might put a how to thread on how to do this. It fairly easy and shouldn't take any...
  6. 0

    Custom and replica bodykits

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum thing so forgive me if I don't get this right haha. Does anyone here know if anyone produces and or has the capability to produce a replica of the rear bar that was fitted to he HRT427 monaro? It was very different to the standard bars and so far all searches I've...
  7. M

    Buick V6 Throttle adjustments

    Hi Guys, I have a 93 VR which i just put a 70mm Throttle body on and need some advice on possible adjustments Just a bit of backstory, when i first put the new TB on, the engine idled at over 1500 RPM (with the old TB it sat at around 1000) so i had to adjust the close stopper so the butterfly...
  8. H

    [urgent help] throttle body spring after clean

    G'day, i've just finished following the guide on how to clean the throttle body etc on my vn. But when i took the spring off ive totally forgotten how it goes back on. i've had a crack at it for awhile now and cant figure it out. im not the most cluey with these things but now im panicking...
  9. speed__demond

    body sways sideways? rims rubbing

    hey ive discovered that my new rims are rubbing under my wheel arches due to my vrII wagon, when you push on the side of the car the rear wobbles side to side a fair bit.. ive only replaced the swaybar bushes and shock bushes
  10. Peter89

    [VIC] VN throttle body, seat rail; VL gas strut.

    ITEM: VN throttle body CONDITION: Used, has working sensors. missing throttle linkage. PRICE: $50 ONO ------------------------------------------------------------- ITEM: VN drivers seat rail, left part. CONDITION: Used but good condition. PRICE: offers...
  11. Rolla_Rolla'

    VN Front Bumper Saggin - HELP !

    Please delete mods
  12. clarmatt

    how to remove rear and front bumpers

    hey, im about to buy a vx bodykit for my vs i was wondering how to take off the rear bumper and front bumper. also do the side skirts just go straight on or do i need to pull anything off. sorry if stupid questions, first car just got it last week :D