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  1. robgm

    Coil retaining bolt spinning

    I was changing my coils today (177k VZ Acclaim) and when i tightened one of the new coils, the bolt just kept going around. It wouldn't tighten up fully. There's a brass threaded sleeve in the manifold for each coil. I think it must be loose and the coil bolt is spinning that. I can't get...
  2. B

    Aerial motor mounting bracket problem

    I have just installed a new aerial mast in my VS and I'm having some difficulty reattaching the mounting bracket. I loosened the 1/2 inch bolt which secures the bracket to gain better access to the motor as I don't have a jack and couldn't remove the wheel to do this. I installed the mast...
  3. VN SII

    Brake Caliper Bolts

    So I was driving around the other day, and well basically my Brake Caliper fell off. Unable to find the 2 missing bolts that held it on (Obviously rattled free somehow) I thought "No sweat, I'll grab 2 off the VS I use for Scraps out back". Only to find that the Bolts are Stuck something...
  4. J

    VU Ecotec Auto Transmission Pan bolt size?

    Hi I am just wondering what size the bolts are for the auto transmission pan? I know they are 13mm hex but what size thread etc. and are they the same for all ecotec trans? Thanks
  5. H

    Torque settings for VP rocker arm pivot bolts.

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anybody knows the correct settings for the bolts that bolt the tappet to the head. Rocker arm. Using the torque settings for a VS just snapped the bolt lol. So if anybody knows could ya post asap as its the only thing holding me up getting this engine going. Cheers...
  6. D

    VH Commodore Auto Transmission Mount bolt sizes

    Hi all, does anyone have the bolt sizes including diameter, length, and thread size for the following: Transmission crossmember to chassis Transmission mount to crossmember I have foolishly lost them!! Thanks in advance.