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  1. J

    Does anyone have a Vl bolt list

    Hey guys im making progress on my vl Its in the works and i have been wondering if anyone has a list of bolts/sizes for the vl? i have seen you can buy a kit but where i work i can just get some of the required bolts i need cheap, before i got pulling out and measuring every bolt i need does...
  2. B

    Water pump torque bolt settings

    Anyone know what torque value the 6, 10mm water pump bolts should be on the water pump of an L98? Should I use loctite?
  3. VjamesY

    Installing VY 18 inch HBD J series wheels, Can I use my original bolts?

    Hey might be a Noob question... But I have just purchased some VY 18 inch HBD J series wheels and Im planning on installing them tonight on my vy executive. Bolts/lock nuts were included with the purchase but I forgot to put them in the car, grrrrr. I already have some chrome nuts I was...
  4. H

    Torque settings for VP rocker arm pivot bolts.

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anybody knows the correct settings for the bolts that bolt the tappet to the head. Rocker arm. Using the torque settings for a VS just snapped the bolt lol. So if anybody knows could ya post asap as its the only thing holding me up getting this engine going. Cheers...
  5. R

    new rocker bolts?

    where am i able to get replacement rocker bolts to replace the torque to yeild bolts that hold the rockers in place from factory?
  6. BigBoss

    Really tight nuts

    Hey lads, I just had a shot at changing over my exhaust system and found that the nuts up the top end of the current system are impossibly tight.... because of the location it is hard to get much leverage on to them and short of a rattle gun i am stumped. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
  7. SiKC.VR

    How to remove oil sump? vr commodore

    How do i remove the oil sump on a vr, the subframe is in the way i cant get to the last few bolts surrounding the sump, i tried jacking up the engine but no luck getting to those bolts, please helpp!!
  8. VK SL 3800

    VK Flywheel bolts

    Lost my manual somewhere and i need to know what your supposed to tension the flywheel bolts and clutch bolts down to. Car is a vk 85 EST black motor. Thanks