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boost upgrade

  1. V

    vx superchared upgraded questions

    hey ive just brought a 2001 model supercharged vx that im doing up. ive brought extractors, 2.25 inch exhaust system, and a few other little thing for it. im planning to buy a boost up grade was wondering what psi i should go for?? is 16 too much for the car? was going to only get 10 to be safe...
  2. S

    pressurised sump on my supercharged VP V6 and i cant find the PCV to replace it

    Hi everyone i just put a sc14 csr blower on to my vp v6 in my hilux, im having issues with pressurising the sump, i got a new pcv valve but i cant find where it is to replace it i also vented the rocker cover to help but its just spewing oil out and the dip stick geeps popping out even after i...
  3. Beny

    l67 wat to do?

    Hey guys just got a 2nd hand low km l67 to put in my vs. The plan is to leave it out for six months whilst i build it up to be a super 6.Im thinking so far is heavily ported and polished heads with new valves ,springs ect. Water to air intercooler.yellaterra snout upgrade with 12psi pulley.And...