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  1. speed__demond

    help... random plug wheres it go? 304

    okay I found a random plug hanging from behind the brake booster in my vs statesman 304. its two wire one is black the other is brown. im hoping its the cause of my car running a bit weird...
  2. nes138

    VS Calipers VT brake booster???

    So I have a completely custom build (FC Holden) and running VS calipers all round and was given a VT brake booster and brake lines. What implications can I expect with this setup? Cheers

    VT/X V6 and V8 master cylinder and Vacuum booster the same??

    Does anyone know if they're different??
  4. Sharoo

    Child booster seat in VZ Ute?

    My daughter is sleeping over at my brothers house tonight and his work Van is at the mechanics and only has his VZ ute. I have heard that you can't put car seats in them, is that true? I don't know much about his car, but I do know its a V8.