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boot lid


    [SA] Holden Monaro VZ Boot Lid - Fusion Orange with no Spoiler Holes [WANTED]

    STATUS: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Holden Monaro VZ Boot Lid as per the below DESCRIPTION LOCATION: Adelaide, South Australia CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pay for Postage/Shipping Costs, otherwise I will Pick Up. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on Pick Up or PayPal for Delivery...
  2. MoonDo44

    Part Hunting - VL Boot Lid

    Hey Everybody, I am on the hunt for a boot lid for a 1988 VL commodore from somewhere within New Zealand. It is the last piece I need for the panel beater so they can start working on. I have been looking for some time now and all the ones have found are rusted. Not worried about what part of...
  3. B

    [SA] Swap vt boot lid (tungsten) with spoiler

    wanting to swap a boot lid with an executive spoiler for a boot lid with no spoiler Model: vt/vx Colour: Tungsten (gold) Condition: good Located: Adelaide region, SA Contact: call or text anytime 0431 965 865
  4. R

    interia boot lid trim to hide dynamat??

    hey guys and girls, just finished my sound system in my VY S II and i have dynamatted the front doors and the boot lid. is there some sort of boot trim that i can buy to cover up the dynamat? was there a factory option for a carpeted boot lid cover to hide the underside of the boot lid? thanks
  5. W

    [VIC] Wts- vt s pack boot for boot without spoiler

    ITEM: Vt Black S pack boot LOCATION: Noble Park, Victoria CONDITION: Used PRICE: Straight swap DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can pick up from my house CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] OTHER INFO: Hey guys, really dont like spoiler and i dont like the look of taking them...
  6. S

    Rear End Beating

    Somehow my VS exec ended up rear ending a pole and has pushed my boot in a bit. The lid is bent in and the bumper was too but popped the bumper out. The pole has pushed the panel behind the boot lid/bumper and needs to be panel beated back out cause the lid wont line up and boot is bent on an...
  7. Longy188

    VZ Boot Lid ?

    gday all, i was looking at lining the under side of my boot lid with something as im sick of the bare blue metal underneath, any one else dome somthing like this or similar that would be able to give advice or are you able to purchase one already done ??? any help greatly appreciated...
  8. xtreme_sony

    Will A VN Boot Lid Fit A VP Commodore

    Howdy everyone, just took the spoiler off my vp, and i have found a vn boot lid, same colour, better paint than mine, no spoiler holes, they only want $20 for it. Will it fit a VP because its off VN ?. Cheers, for $20 heaps easier then boggin holes, :-)
  9. Friction

    [QLD] WTB VP Boot Lid

    ITEM: I am looking for a VP Boot Lid free of spoiler and in a decent condition. (VN Boot Lid also acceptable) It would be preferable if the paint was the same color as mine (Sapphire Blue Metallic) to save on re-spraying. LOCATION: QLD, Cleveland CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP...