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  1. J

    Novice Question - Why the Battery Location in VF SS Commodore

    Hey guys, Foreword - I'm a brand-new novice in the world of cars, but hoping to learn, and to probably begin to modify my VF SS in the coming months (also looking for suggestions on where to start with that - performance and handling, not just lowered with an exhaust haha). So forgive me if my...

    [SA] Holden Monaro VZ Boot Lid - Fusion Orange with no Spoiler Holes [WANTED]

    STATUS: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Holden Monaro VZ Boot Lid as per the below DESCRIPTION LOCATION: Adelaide, South Australia CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pay for Postage/Shipping Costs, otherwise I will Pick Up. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on Pick Up or PayPal for Delivery...
  3. A

    VFII Boot battery change with 12V power outlet

    Hi Guys/Girls, I have a VFII SSV Redline and attempting a simple job of replacing battery. All good except had a 12V outlet fitted as a dealer option. I can not workout how to unmount the socket from the bracket so I can remove the panel that covered the battery. I've checked out the install...
  4. Bennybee

    Vp wagon - can’t open boot

    Ok guys this is my first post, but not my first problem with this car, it’s done 500,000kms so im just happy she is still running :) never been any major issues (just lights blowing out or flat tyres, simple stuff) Manual vp wagon (I’m second owner bought from elderly man who had it for the...
  5. Samuel elliot

    Fuel cell for skid car need help

    Currently in the process of putting together a Vt ss with a mild worked ls1 dedicated skid car Going to be installing a fuel cell, want to stay on the low budget side, what will I need and how to wire it up? Any informations useful From what I’ve gathered so far I’ll be going for 40-60l foam...
  6. Z

    VT Berlina Boot Fuse Blown

    Alright guys, I have an issue with my turn signals, the fuse blows every time i indicate left so I'm guessing the wires for my left tail light are earthing out or something. Keep in mind that I have monaro tail lights fitted instead of the stock standard vt's. Thing is, I can't even get to it...
  7. MattMonaroV2

    EXPERTS QUESTION: VZ Monaro, the boot is jammed, Fuel tank mounted behind rear seats & no keyhole

    This is a question that maybe even the most experienced Holden owners here may not be able to work out: A Quality Monaro VZ CV8Z (2005) with an immaculate Turismo Blue Paint Job is stopped on the side of the highway and the most gorgeous girl jumps out of the drivers seat quickly as if she was...
  8. H

    VF Sportswagon Evoke Boot

    Hey guys, I have recently bought a 2013 Evoke wagon and in the boot there is a plastic cover which has an additional battery holder. Does anyone know if this is reversible and does it cost all that much? Having a quick look at it i'm guessing i'll need to replace some of the interior walls down...
  9. S

    VE SSV Air conditioning leak in boot

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a 06 VE SSV and I noticed The other day I noticed that there was a seam not seam sealed in the factory, so we went to seam seal it and noticed a puddle of water sitting in the gap below and thought it was a leak some where as there had been some recent wet...
  10. J

    Steering Rack Vt Commodore ISSUE! Need Help !!

    Hey guys, I Own a vt commodore and iv noticed the steering rack boot has SH*T Itself ... Pictures below.. Should I get a hole new steering rack or just the boot for it ? And how long can I go driving it like it is.. ? I'm on a pretty tight budget..
  11. S

    Tailgate won't open

    Hey guys. I have a problem with my holden commodore station wagon (year 98). The tailgate won't open anymore. First it won't closed not really. Than i tried it a little bit harder. And now its closed and won't open. Does anybody have an idea how i can open it again? Cheers
  12. J

    SS-V Redline, strange cable under boot carpet

    I uncovered a strange wiring block / sensor under the carpet in the boot/trunk of my MY14 SS-V. It can be found by going into the boot via the pulldown in the centre of the rear seats. It sits in a polystyrene casing and when removed has a white clip, photos attached. Does anybody know...
  13. V

    Hazard Lights, Boot, and remote locking

    okay guyssss... my hazard lights wont work.. my indicators still work. there is no fuse broken for the hazard lights. and i cant use the button on my keys or the button in the glove box to open the boot, it just makes a clicking noise at the fuse box. as well as when i use my remote locking...
  14. D

    Need some boot struts for a VT Manta? Don't do what I did.

    Hi all, I just bought a really nice 5.7 VT Calais S2 HBD with factory fitted Manta kit. It's awesome, low km's and its been really well looked after. Don't know what took me so long to get a V8. Anyway, this is going to be a bit of a complaint post, but I don't want anyone else to waste...
  15. mark_1000

    VZ Clubsport boot/numberplate garnish removal

    Hey, does anyone have any tips on how to remove the boot/numberplate garnish from a vz clubsport? I think i have a couple of broken clips and it's not attached properly. I can obviously see that there are four 8mm nuts to undo, but it seems quite fixed around the hsv logo and the very sides. Is...
  16. J

    Missing bung likely source of soaking?

    Howdy. I'm rapt to have a project to toy with but hate the fact that my budget means I have to spend the start of the project fixing crap that should have been done by previous owners. I've just scraped out and chucked all the underlay in the boot because it's soaking wet and completely...
  17. M

    2007 VE Berlina Boot Lid Randomly & Frequently Pops Itself.

    Wondering if anyone could help... Have a 07 Berlina with a head-scratcher, the boot lid actuator goes off all by itself randomly and quite often. I bought it a couple of years ago, it started about six months after I bought it and has gradually gotten worse over time. I have changed the...
  18. djdomohudson

    Boot lid.

    If I were to go down and salvage a boot lid from a VX the same colour as mine, and attempt to install it on my VT (because I kinda think the VT boot is ugly) will it fit? Or was the VX facelift that much different? Which poses a sub question, if I try to remove the red plastic from my VT lid...
  19. S

    VT commodore tool box

    so ive decided i really need a tool box for all my tools, but i want it mounted in the boot of the car. anyone know a good one to use and a good way to mount/secure it? cheers
  20. GIJoel

    Boot Latch Won't Stay Open

    So I've gotta press the boot popper while simultaneously lifting the boot, this is fine when the car is off and I've got the key, but the popper in the glove box is pretty much useless because the boot latch won't stay open by itself. I've got a short term fix, just spray with CRC, but that's...
  21. GIJoel

    [VIC] L+R VT S1 Tail Lights

    ITEM: Left and Right VT S1 tail lights LOCATION: Wonga Park, Victoria CONDITION: Used, Great condition PRICE: $30, Negotiable DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: Comment, PM, E: [email protected] or M: 0433 855 316 OTHER INFO: No...
  22. VX SS 340 HP

    VX SS headlights Fluctuating in brightness

    Hi I recently relocated my battery to the boot in my s:axe:s...everything works fine car starts no problems at all...but the other night I took it out for a drive and the headlights were fluctuating in brightness they,were going very dull and then they would just jump back to there normal...
  23. JoshuaHolmes

    Antenna mounting brackets

    Hi all Excuse me if this has been asked, but I have searched high and low and have not been able to find anything. I am looking for mounting brackets for the boot of a VE SV6 for mobile/amateur radio. I have noticed the Highway Patrol vehicles have ones that go up, forward and out to keep...
  24. G

    Headunits and Boot mods

    Post no longer available. Post no longer available.
  25. B

    08' ve glove box/boot light fuse help!!!

    since buying my car over a year ago i have never had a working boot or glove box light, it never really bothered me, but now its starting to bug me so its time to kill the issue, i have checked it out and all wiring and globes are fitted, at first i thought it was just the globe so i replaced...
  26. T

    Boot lid rubbing on rear bumper

    Hey all, I have noticed a bit of rubbing where the boot lid bottom edge meets the rear bumper cover. The paint on the boot lid edge is almost worn to the primer. anyone else had this issue? cheers, Timmo
  27. D

    [VIC] Wanted to Buy: VT Boot Garnish

    ITEM: I need a VT boot garnish preferably from a Calais, but it really doesn't matter as they're all the same with the exception of the badge. LOCATION: VIC Bairnsdale CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds...
  28. M

    [SA] Car audio installation bits and pieces

    ITEM: Aerpro Fuse Holder with 120amp in-line ANL fuse, comes with 20cm of ring terminated 4awg cable. LOCATION: Murray Bridge, SA CONDITION: Perfect condition, very, very minor cosmetic imperfections, not even visable unless viewed up close. REASON FOR SALE: Upgrading my entire system...
  29. tHe_sTiG

    Boot struts DIY

    Been cleaning out the car this morning, found my boot struts had completely failed. Is it an easy DIY job to replace them? I took a look, I think I can figure it out... better get it fixed before I crack my head one day, already happened on a few occasions, ouch. I found struts on ebay for...
  30. M

    Boot rust!!

    Hey guys I unfortunately have the brown bug in my boot. The largest oval is actually a hole about 4cm across and has infected where the boot rubber actually sits. the rest appears to be just surface rust. I was wondering how much it would cost to get it cut and replaced/get the other small...
  31. DmanVT

    Pictures of boot boot installs/ sound systems post here

    I would like to get a thread of just boot installs for sound systems or whatever people have hiding in their boots. and any comments on mine would be appreciated :P haha Thanks all :D Before: After:
  32. TXB-409

    VT Berlina boot and footwell, need help.

    Hey guys, Just wanting to change the light inside the boot to make my subs look better rather than the stock shitty yellow globe, but I can't seem to find a clip or anything to take it off to change the globe. Can anyone tell me if there is a clip or if not, how to get to the LED inside it...
  33. M

    Vs boot

    Hey Guys, Just wonderin what is the height of the boot over the diff hump on a vs, and the depth of it.
  34. V

    exec to SS headlights, S2 to S1 boot - pics!

    Hi all, thought I'd upload some pics of a couple of mods I think has improved the looks of my VYII. The headlights are the ebay SS copies, and the boot was from the wreckers, cheaper than getting the holes from that chrome strip filled and painted - I can't believe holden bolted it on!
  35. JSTCOZ

    Sub wiring from boot?

    Hey, Just bought a 10" Fusion Active Encounter 300 WATT Sub&Amp tube for my VT. I can see what is meant ot go to where, but how do i run the wires? There isn't any DIY steps i have found on here. Just getting the wires from the sub out of the boot would be a blessing!!!! Thanks pics...
  36. C

    Leaking boot

    I have noticed whenever I open my boot, water drips out and sinks into the back. My spare has become all rusted and useless. Would this be an issue with seals in the boot? *also my car has started to overheat often. What would potential causes of this be? Any assistance is appreciated.
  37. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] WTBorTRADE for VT S2 boot lid

    ITEM/DESCRIPTION: VT S2 boot lid, no spoiler holes. Bermuda Blue. LOCATION: Brisbane, QLD CONDITION: Used, minimal marks DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: can pick up in Brisbane Area. PAYMENT OPTIONS: 1) cash or can transfer money to bank 2) also willing to trade for a vt bermuda...
  38. TheHutcho

    VT Boot question

    hey I was just wondering you know how it says Holden on the boot above the license plate, is it possible to change that to a different word because i want to put my nickname there Cheers Hutcho
  39. P

    low bcm to high bcm???? HELP

    wanting to install the remote boot release function in my VS. just wondering if this is a case of obtaining a high bcm + plus all the harnesses required for the bcm and then plug it all in appropriatley and have a working high bcm???? with of course the matched key head. i have a 97 vs...
  40. VesperZ

    Switching from Alpine Type R Subwoofer box to a custom fiberglass box

    Just an overview of my current setup, I have 2 x SWR-1242D subwoofers which came with their factory designed ported box shown below: I am looking to change them into a custom fiberglass sealed box such as this one: I realize I may get questions like why would you bother and so forth...