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  1. K

    Vertini dynasty 20” fitment

    Would 20” and 10”wide vertini dynasty rims with 255/35R20 fit on a ve sv6 Ute? What size hub centric rings would you have to use so the center bore of the wheel matches the hub of a ve? And what would be a good offset for the wheel?
  2. N

    does anybody know the series 1 v6 combution chamber size?

    Hi I have started down a somewhat dubious path of chasing a few extra ponies from the ol vn block. I have some doubts about the compression ratio as i cannot find anything conclusive as to the cc's of the standard heads (series 1). The heads have been skimmed 010" and likewise the block has...
  3. Wherry951

    The Most Random Thread (VIEW IT!)

    Ok im bored out of my mind and im drinking a cold drink atm and this just randomly popped into my head hahahahaha (i promise i dont take drugs) What drink gives you the most relief etc when you take the first few sips hahaha Like that ahhhhhhhhh feeling Im just seriously bored and...