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  1. J

    VK Getrag 290 pedal box??

    Hi guys in need of advice / assistance! I've pulled out the efi 202 in my VK and have sourced a 304 from a VS series III with a getrag 290. Just wondering what you guys think about pedal boxes? I have the pedal box from the VS and I've heard they're worth a heap of $$ Has anyone tried...
  2. D

    [General] How to replace Trailer Bearings

    A few mates and I made this in-depth video on how to diagnose and replace trailer bearings. We will be making more videos in the future so please leave a comment suggesting what you want us to do.
  3. K

    Vz wagon sub box designs.

    Im just wondering what kind of setups some people run in their wagons. Ive built my own box and it works well but i want to build something that goes from floor to the roof with two subs facing forward one behind each rear headrest. This giving a gab between the subs so i can still use my rear...
  4. M

    is my gearbox stuffed.

    Hi guys i own a auto s pack vs v6, I just bought a vt gearbox from series 3 vt install was fine worked for weeks perfect, I was driving kids to school in 40 zone i applies small amount of accelaration an i hear a clink from underneath car , then the entire gearbox stopped working . nothing no...
  5. S

    ESC help! - Anyone played around with the VE ESC? (Electronic stability control)

    Hi guys, I need some help finding the plug for the ESC. I want to unplug it from the fuse box to completely disable it but have no idea which one it is. Has anyone does this before or know which one it is? Thanks in advance.
  6. M

    Gearbox or Diff ?????? Do you know !

    Hi guys thanks for all ya help by the way i always get good results by coming here first. I have recently noticed a little stiffness in my accelaration whilst turning, it basically feels like something is restraining the speed increase when i turn right only. when i turn left it feels good...
  7. T

    Glovebox light wont turn off

    hey guys, just had my Line out converter fitted and turn on wire was run to the hands free plug behind the glovebox. since getting my car back (and the LOC works great i might add) the glovebox light will not turn off. i cant get my car back to the auto elec in the next day or two. i...
  8. A

    Advice needed about building a sub box!

    I am planning to build a sub box for my Alpine SWS-3049. The specifications sheet recommends the sub in a sealed box of 123 litres (yes, I know this is quite large). To my calculations (and to fit in my boot), the following dimensions work out at 123 litres: Height = 32cm Width = 90cm...
  9. M

    [SA] Car audio installation bits and pieces

    ITEM: Aerpro Fuse Holder with 120amp in-line ANL fuse, comes with 20cm of ring terminated 4awg cable. LOCATION: Murray Bridge, SA CONDITION: Perfect condition, very, very minor cosmetic imperfections, not even visable unless viewed up close. REASON FOR SALE: Upgrading my entire system...
  10. I

    VP makes a Ticking Noise

    Hi, My well beloved Vp makes a ticking noise coming from around the injectors area, when i close the bonnet i can only just hear if i strain my ears :unsure: it does not effect the performance of the car and drives nice and its quiet inside the car cant hear it at all....also i can hear a...
  11. H

    [VIC] VY / VZ custom fibreglass 12" subwoofer box

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted: VY/ VZ custom fibreglass 12" subwoofer box ITEM: Fits 12" subs in boot of car LOCATION: Western Suburbs Victoria CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Would prefer to pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: CASH CONTACT DETAILS: PM me or msg 0423666219
  12. VesperZ

    Custom Sub box question

    I'm building a custom boot including custom sub boxes. I have 2 x Alpine SWR-1242D subs which came in the factory alpine sub boxes which are ported. According to the SWR-1242D manual, the optimum volume for a sealed box to house this sub is between 0.7 cubic foot to 1.0 cubic foot. My box has...
  13. Longy188

    VZ/VY Sub Enclosure Help??

    gday all, im looking at updrading my sound system and wanna put in a sub woofer but dont want a box that takes up my whole boot, i was surfing through ebay and seen this one NEW VY VZ Holden Commodore Fibreglass Enclosure - eBay Subwoofers, Audio, Video, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes...
  14. H

    Wonky VZ Glove Box

    Hello! I bought my VZ about two months ago, not a scratch on it, bar the wonky glove box. It tilts towards the passenger door. Is there anything I can do to fix it? It functions fine but it annoys the f out of me.
  15. WoodChoppa

    Wanted: Advice for Building Custom Utility/Storage Box into VR Ute Tray

    Hey I'm looking at building a lockable storage box into the plastic tough-deck tray liner of my '94 VR S-Pac Ute. I want to be able to lock a bit of gear up on the tray, but because my ute has a fibreglass sail, as you can see in my profile picture, a hard tonneau cover is not an option. I've...
  16. SUSS8

    [VIC] Looking for Custom Sub Box.

    Wondering If anyone would be able to make a Sub box to also fit 2 6x9's since it will be in a hatch and the car is usually parked at a train station during the week. PM ME if you can help out and if we can arrange something Thanks.
  17. Haydz

    How To: Remove PEdal Box VN-VR

    Hey guys a mate and i are completing a manual conversion in the following weeks so here is a start to the guide on how to do it. 1. In the engine bay undo the 2 nuts(13mm) and one bolt(13mm). Holding the brake reservoir on. 2. Behind the brake booster (big black cylinder) you will have...