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brake fluid

  1. Tickle me elmo

    VE brake line question.

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me whether the (steel) brake line from the booster to the front left wheel well is one continuous pipe, that is - no threaded joints anywhere other than the booster and where it terminates at the rubber hose in the wheel well. I was bleeding the left front (trying to...
  2. D

    MY15 SV6 STORM brake fluid reservoir

    G'day all Potential NOOB question here. I did a quick inspection on the brake fluid reservoir and (to me) the fluid is just about sat in the min marker. Brakes have felt spongy/more play than usual (hence the inspection) Now, opening the cap, the fluid is sat quite high in the top, which is...
  3. L

    Brake Problem

    Hi all, I been having some issues with my brakes over the last couple of months. About two months ago I had my front disks and pads replaced. Ever since then, when I step out of car after about a 1/2 an hour or more of driving i can smell what i think is break fluid coming from the front...
  4. V

    brake fluid top up?

    Hey All, just wondering how often should you expect to have to top up your brake fluid? I had slotters fitted a year and a half ago and the quote said they replaced the fluid, would you expect to be needing to top up the brake fluid reservoir in this time? I have done around 40000 k's since then...