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brake lights

  1. Matt Watkins

    Maloo tailgate reflectors

    Is there possibly any chance anyone in the world has turned the tailgate reflectors on a maloo into actual working brake lights? reckon it would look absolutely mad I wish HSV engineered it :( also can’t seem to find anything about it being achieved anywhere online sadly
  2. S

    VU High Brake Light

    G'Day, anyone know where to find a replacement for the high mount brake light for a VU Ute?
  3. V

    Rear left and back window roof brake light not working

    hi Iv recently noticed that my rear left and the roof back window brake light are not working, I thought it was just the bulb at first so I replaced that however the one I pulled out didn’t seem to be broken. That didn’t work and then I noticed the roof brake light was working. The rear right...
  4. K

    VE commdore ute brake lights not working

    Hi there. Im having a problem with my ve commodore where my brake lights will not operate. Things ive done... Checked bulbs Checked fuses. Ran new power to the lights from batt to the module underneath the steering wheel.(which made the lights go so i know all is fine with cables). Ive...
  5. S

    Can someone help please??

    okay so just found out my brake lights weren't working so i checked the fuse boxes the one in the bonnet and the LH side panel found out the fuse was blow in the side panel so i replaced it and now my back brake lights won't turn off!? but they also won't work??? so idk what to do... i also took...
  6. D

    VS Esteem S2 tail brake lights not working

    Alright, as the title says, my brake lights aren't turning on when I brake. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the switch because the light above my boot turns on when I brake but the tail lights do not. The bulbs are fine as they turn on when I turn my headlights on. This is the diagram for...
  7. shezhardcore

    brake lights non working in my vx series 2

    My brake lights aren't working changed globes didn't change anything please help
  8. J

    Drivers brake light not working

    Hi there guys just wondering if anyone can help me I have a 98 model vt and my drivers side brake light doesn't work I have replaced all of the bulbs and the fuse and have also replaced the brake light switch and still nothing from that side the left hand side and the spoiler brake lights work...
  9. J

    VE Brake lights stay on at night, OK during day

    Hi All, just had an interesting problem and thought I'd post here in case anyone else has something similar. It could happen on any car, so worth keeping in mind. Last night, I was told by another motorist while stopped at traffic lights (also a Commodore driver - good guy!) that my brake...
  10. B

    break lights not working at all

    Hello all, I am about to blow up my VT! I have no brake lights in any gear, fuses are fine as are the globes. Was told it was the brake light switch and have replaced it. But i still have no lights. Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks in advance for any replies :-)
  11. S

    VT - Spoiler Brake light replacement

    My Vt s pack is missing the brake light on the spoiler (was like that when I bought it). Any ideas about were I could get one?? ...I dont wanna have to buy a whole new spoiler and I am thinking that it might be a genuine item and may have to go to a wreckers??
  12. J

    lights problem

    ok this is the prob, with the headlights turned off everythings fine till i press the brake pedal, then the instrument lights and the park lights come on. But when i turn on the headlights the brake lights stay on and the cruise control dosnt work any help would greatly be appreciated thanx