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brake noise

  1. L

    Scraping noise on front left brake

    Hi guys, My VF SV6 is having a strange issue. While I drive, there's a low scraping sound (as if the pads/tin from anti-squeal are in contact with the rotor). The noise stops as I brake, and as I start moving again, it starts again. It seems to get softer then louder, dependent on the speed you...
  2. D

    ABS Failure ???

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could give me some ideas about my cars ABS failure problem? The brake pads are new (6 months ago) and I checked all the wheels, nothing wrong with the pads, speed sensors-wiring seems fine. The brake booster seems OK and I cannot find anything wrong with the master...
  3. N

    FRONT WHEEL Brake NOISE - me and my mechanic cant find source of noise. help???????

    my 97 vs has been making this noise for quite some time. it is coming from the front wheels on both sides i have had the rotors machined, brake pads replaced. all this checked by a trusty mechanic. me and my mechanic have been trying to find the cause of the noise but he couldn't find it. it...