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brake pads

  1. RiffRaffMama

    What brake pads do you recommend for a VX Berlina? Please vote in my poll.

    I am in (desperate) need of new front brake pads on my 2001 VX Berlina (series II) sedan. I live in the country, and travel more than 600km a week. About 500km of that is on winding, poor quality100km/h roads with a fair smattering of stupid roos I often have to brake hard to avoid. There are a...

    Best Brake Pads under $100 and Why

    I am looking for some front brake pads for my VY SS and would like the current recommendations. I know there is plenty of previous threads about this subject but want what is available currently. Thankyou
  3. LostPup

    VR brake pads

    Hey guys/girls, first time posting here. bought a VR last week and only needs a few things for RWC. one of them being the brake pads. i need a cheep replacement for now to get it on the road and then do rotors and pads firther down the line. but for now i just need something cheep. i found a...
  4. M

    Best brake pads for vy v6

    Hey guys whats the best brake pads for a vy v6 I heard bendix pads are really good true or not? Cheers people
  5. L

    Brake Problem

    Hi all, I been having some issues with my brakes over the last couple of months. About two months ago I had my front disks and pads replaced. Ever since then, when I step out of car after about a 1/2 an hour or more of driving i can smell what i think is break fluid coming from the front...
  6. Shorty33

    VE brakepads

    I got my 3.0 VE at auction. It is an ex-Police sedan. I've done 11,000 km since buying the car, and have no complaints about the brakes. The Police mechanic uses "Bendix Ultimate" brake pads, and selected these because of heat disspation and performance in extreme braking. I agree that...
  7. HamaTime™

    Brake Pads

    What is a good brand of brake pads? COMMODORE VL VN VR VS VP DISC BRAKE PADS -FULL SET !! - eBay Brake Pads, Brakes, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 09-Nov-09 19:05:32 AEDST) Are they good? I've got racers or something in at the moment from the previous owner and they're...