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  1. Tickle me elmo

    VE Brakes head scratcher

    Hi all, Gotta be honest here I'm stumped, completely - totally stumped. I bought a 2010 VE ute that had been sitting unused with a blown engine for about 18 months. Long story short I replaced the engine (so it was mobile) and then started on the process of restoration (mechanically) The brake...

    VZ SS Thunder Brakes

    I have been looking to buy a VZ SS Thunder after mine got written off a week after I got it! Mine Jan 07 had the larger brakes front and vented disc rear. Was this an option as I have seen a few Thunders with standard brakes for sale? Thankyou
  3. Tickle me elmo

    VE brake line question.

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me whether the (steel) brake line from the booster to the front left wheel well is one continuous pipe, that is - no threaded joints anywhere other than the booster and where it terminates at the rubber hose in the wheel well. I was bleeding the left front (trying to...
  4. J

    Harrop ultimate brakes

    Anyone out there fitted Harrop ultimate brakes to their series 2 redline. What are your thoughts, are they worth the money? Will I Still be able to use the redline HF 20 inch rims (brake clearance) TIA
  5. D

    [VIC] WTB Vy R8 Harrop Brakes

    Hi guys, chasing a full set of VY HSV Harrop brakes. After everything to convert from standard to the Harrop setup. cheers ITEM: VY HSV Harrop Brakes LOCATION: Vic (happy to pay postage interstate if needed) CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: not sure what they are worth so please let me know...
  6. R

    VX brakes ABS

    Hey all just a quick question, I have a VX with ABS. I am replacing the front rotors/pads. I’ve never worked on cars with ABS so I’m wondering if the process is the same as non-ABS in the sense of - using the old pad and clamp to depress the piston then pump the pedal to reposition the pistons...
  7. S

    Help with VL Drum Brake Removal

    HELP! Hi, I have a 1988 VL SL and didn't drive it for a while and now it looks like the rear left drum brake has siezed/locked on. I've backed off the hand brake adjuster (under the car) but still cannot remove the drum to investigate. There is what looked like a rubber plug for the shoe...
  8. RorzaaBoy

    Vr brake lights dont work when pressing brake pedal

    The taillights work as they should but dont get brighter when pressing brake pedal. Dont know if its going to be expensive or tricky
  9. F

    WM caprice brake upgrade

    Hey guys, Disclaimer - im very very new to holden modifications and have just recently gotten more into it. Please excuse the dumb questions. So im just trying to personalise my car a bit, its a 2007 wm caprice v6 (yes i know but im on p's). Ive smacked new wheels on it (20x8.5 front and 20x10...
  10. family fix it man

    VE caliper slide pins and bolts.

    Where can I buy new caliper slide pins and bolts. They are near impossible to find online. For such a common part, why are they so hard to find? I just need one pin and bolt to fix my car, do I have to spend big money on a full caliper repair kit, or does someone here know where I can get just...
  11. RiffRaffMama

    What brake pads do you recommend for a VX Berlina? Please vote in my poll.

    I am in (desperate) need of new front brake pads on my 2001 VX Berlina (series II) sedan. I live in the country, and travel more than 600km a week. About 500km of that is on winding, poor quality100km/h roads with a fair smattering of stupid roos I often have to brake hard to avoid. There are a...
  12. B

    Questions about changing rotors

    Hi Guys, I've replaced my front rotors and was able to do it all with no major drama... or so I thought. Everything went in fine and worked well, however when the car is jacked up, the front wheels do not spin freely. I am assuming this is not normal, right? They spin a little but then...
  13. N

    Replaced brake pads, now pedal goes to floor?

    So as the title states today I replaced the front pads on my VT, followed the basic procedure. When I took the calipers off to put in the new pads I had fluid piss everywhere. Now I’ve been driving the car and I’ve refilled the brake fluid reservoir, but the brakes go all the way to the floor...
  14. B

    Buying Recommendation.

    G'day people of JustCommodores. I am thinking of purchasing a 2005 VZ Auto Executive Commodore, it is rather cheap and has some nice bodywork done to it. It is priced at $3500 (negotiable), and only has 97,000 kms. I was unable to determine the low price, and when questioned on the issues of...
  15. Z

    VS brake upgrade help

    Hi all, I currently have a vs commodore which I plan to upgrade the brakes on. I have so far got calipers and dba slotted rotors from a vy. I am aware I need to buy shims for the rotors already, but also in regards to the upgrade I have seen vs commodore booster/master cylinder combos listed...
  16. P

    Problem When Brakes Fully Pressed

    In my sons Commodore VR (94), there are two different problems. When the economy mode is on, when I fully press the brakes, the idle speed of the engine lowers quite significantly, and the Air-Conditioning seems to turn off. When in power mode, when I press the brakes fully the car lowers the...
  17. G

    [NSW] 06 vz Knocking noise

    hey guys just chasing some advice, When releasing the brakes I hear some sort of a clunk / knock seems to be coming from the passenger side I’ve been advised I need new strut top bushings I just had New caster rod bushes replaced now this noise at random but only when releasing the brakes. Any...
  18. Swapitifyoucan

    Ute vs sedan brakes?

    recently swapped svz front brakes&rotors onto a sedan and after bleeding peddle goes nearly all the way to the floor. They do work but not untill the pedal is just off the fire wall. No brake light illuminated when applyed. Was wondering if master cylinder is the same size or not.
  19. D

    Is there an adapter mount to sute Brembo VF Redline calipers to fit VY?

    Looking for any help. I want to upgrade my VY SS standed front brakes with VF Brembo Redline calipers (whitch I have already). Once I have the calipers fitted I will scouse the appropriate discs. I would like to know "for now" if anyone has done this upgrade? If so how did you mount them, is...
  20. J

    What brand of brakes best suit a VY?

    I had a series 2 VE in manual and after 4 years the brakes still had about 80% left (I know engine braking would have helped). I now have a series 2 VY Calais Auto (3.8L S) and need to change the brakes but I'm hearing that most brakes only last about 10,000kms. Is this because of the way the...
  21. Tommodore

    ticking noise when driving

    hi all i recently gave my car a full brake service (New Pads, New Rotors and changed the brake fluid) I noticed the other week shortly after that my car was making a ticking noise it sounds like its coming from the front wheels but it seems too fast to be the wheels. so im thinking something...
  22. Rixy26

    Single knocking sound when I push on brakes

    Hi everyone, first time posting on here, I own a '94 VR Berlina, I took my car out for a test drive with a permit as it is still unregistered, I noticed a single knocking sound coming from the front end when I push on the brakes and the steering wheel shutters also as I'm pushing the brakes, I...
  23. HinterlandBryan

    VE Equipe SportWagon ABS and ESC Faults

    Hi everyone, ive trawled though the forums and can’t seem to find anything definitive on this, so hopefully someone can help. Bought my ’11 VE Equipe Sportwagon second hand in June this year from a reputable Toyota dealer here on the Gold Coast. She had 45K approx. on the clock and was in near...
  24. K

    Brake Rotors

    Hi all, With over 200,00kms on the clock, I'm thinking my brake rotors finally need replacing. I've got a standard V6 Alloytec with 16" wheels, so was wondering whether it's best to get solid, slotted or vented and whether or not you can get slotted/vented for 16" wheels. If so, what are...
  25. G

    No Brake Lights.....Tried everything.

    We have a VZ Adventra. All other lights on the car are working perfectly except we have no brake lights. Hubby is just about tearing his hair out trying to work out what the problem is. We have tried another 2 brake light switches (bought from wreckers). The car is not blowing any fuses and...
  26. L

    harrop 4 piston hsv brakes

    hi guys, i recently purchased some harrop 343mm hsv 4 piston brakes for the front of my vz ss. I spoke to a bloke down at penrith brake and clutch and he said that I will need a custom hose made up for it to fit. Is this correct? because i was presuming I could just use the hoses that are...
  27. D

    VS Esteem S2 tail brake lights not working

    Alright, as the title says, my brake lights aren't turning on when I brake. I'm not sure if it's a problem with the switch because the light above my boot turns on when I brake but the tail lights do not. The bulbs are fine as they turn on when I turn my headlights on. This is the diagram for...
  28. B

    Brakes and Parkers

    My brake and rear parker lights have stopped working. I still have all other lights. I have changed globes and fuses. Is there another fuse beside the one under the steering wheel? What else could it be? Thanks in advaced.
  29. D

    VZ Rear brake issues

    Hi all, great to be here and hoping to be able to contribute in some small way eventually. I am having some issues with the RH rear brake on my 05 VZ SS crewman specifically the outer pad keeps wearing into the caliper bridge, dropping down and starts wearing into the handbrake drum section of...
  30. Dan24

    VY SS vibration

    Hey guys been a while since Iv posted on here but need some help. Recently picked up a 2003 VY SS. Now when driving at say 90-100km I get a serve vibration in the steering wheel and also at braking at speed I get the vibration. Any ideas? Just had a wheel alignment, still pulls to the left...
  31. speed__demond

    vacuum pump for brake booster?

    Hey all ive got a 109lsa overlap cam In the 5l Vs with abs. Because of the overlap the vacuum isnt the bestand the brakes are a bit soft. Looking for any experience on electric vac pumps and what amout of pressure ect I should need
  32. C

    Vt brakes on vp 5.0ltr ute HELP

    Want to fit vt brakes and rims from a vt aswell I would like to know EVRYTHING that can be relayed to me! E V R Y T H I N G possible to know please .........help me :rofl2:
  33. klavins

    Pulsing sound when braking

    When I put the brakes on the wagon seems to pulsate slightly which I assume just means that I need to replace the brake pads. However, it also sometimes makes an audible pulsating thud noise too?
  34. F

    Major electrical Spazz

    ok first off it is a vg ute auto on the tree the problems are indicator isgoing double time or the right but no bulbs are out (are the meant to be ones in the guards ) and when i depress the brake pedal the parkers and dash turn on any ideas also where is the horn located (behind the...

    Bosch disc rotors. What are they like?

    I am just about to replace my front rotors. What are the Bosch brand from SuperCheap like compared to other standard rotors? Thankyou

    Best Brake Pads under $100 and Why

    I am looking for some front brake pads for my VY SS and would like the current recommendations. I know there is plenty of previous threads about this subject but want what is available currently. Thankyou
  37. LostPup

    VR brake pads

    Hey guys/girls, first time posting here. bought a VR last week and only needs a few things for RWC. one of them being the brake pads. i need a cheep replacement for now to get it on the road and then do rotors and pads firther down the line. but for now i just need something cheep. i found a...
  38. M

    Very weird noise at the front.

    I've got an 08 sv6, whenever I'm at a complete stop, I ride the brake so I'm rolling at less than 1k and hour I hear a very odd noise at the front of the car, like I've never heard before. it's been there for a while, I've changed the pads on all four corners. It's like some thing plastic or...
  39. C

    VR brakes not working well, reasons/ fixes ?

    Its done 240,000 k and the brakes are shocking. tried new pads twice, now on good ones but thats not the issue. ABS stops it from locking up if i stomp on the pedal but cant be working 100%. car takes ages to stop from 100k. What could be the problem? The mechanics have no idea. Also have a...
  40. R

    brake options for VF?

    Can you get a V6 with the slightly bigger V8 brakes? Second question: are the super dooper brakes only available on the Redline?