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break in

  1. N

    Breaking into my VT (PM)

    If you guys have been anywhere near the pub or the LAN lounge, you'll know I've been around for a few months. I've got a few threads about my VT olympic edition, so I assure you, I'm not trying to steal some dudes car. It's just been one of those days, and I've locked my only set of keys in...
  2. V

    VY Commodore Broken into :( !!!!!!!!!NO ALARM ACTIVATED!!!!!!!!!!

    Just had some f*&#ing lowlife bastard break into my car at a shopping centre carpark, put a brick through the back drivers side window, Stolen: Sony DVD XAV-W1 Media Centre Head unit Ipod adapter for sony head unit Ipod Classic 120GB Neon lighting kit What bothers me the most is the fact...