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  1. R

    Question about changing break pads on vt calais 98

    Hi All, Last night I got the back wheels off my VT Calais in preperation to replace the brake pads. I have read on some cars that you can replace the break pads without the need to unbolt the calipers however on the VT Calais 98 I don't think that can be done. It looks to me like the best way...
  2. T

    Vz Monaro Break Lettering

    Hey, Just wondering if i can get replacement lettering on the breaks of my cv8. The previous owner painted them silver for some reason and when i rubbed the paint off it damaged the monaro lettering. this is the worst one out of the two sides. thanks TimR
  3. A

    Grinding sound rear left

    Hi Guys, im new here and also to Holdens, I used to be a Toyota driver. I have a question, i had all my rotors machined and 120k service by a holden dealer, now i have this grinding sound from rear left wheel, noticeable when going slow and driving past parked cars or a wall. Took it back and...
  4. R

    VY S Squeeking/Creeking noise??

    hey everyone. i drive a VY S II and have noticed that (usualy on cold start) when i reverse out of my drive way which is fairly steep my breaks squeek alot and so does the steering. also when i get to the bottom of the drive way and change into Drive (auto) there is a very noticeable rock in the...
  5. B

    alert/beep on harder breaking

    gday, I've got a VY2 exec station wagon - and just the other week I started getting a beep/alert whenever a harder than usual breaking is done. Anyone know what this is? No message comes up on the console... thanks, Bill.