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  1. Mattricho

    Trusted mechanic for modified cars Brisbane Southside

    Hi all as the title says I’m planning on getting a cam and OTR and tune done on the mistress and just wondering who you use to service your modified cars around brisbane??
  2. J

    Coolant leak

    Could anyone help me out, took my 2008 v6 ve to a mechanic shop because I have a bad idle, they looked over it and told me that my engine mounts a rooted and need replacing, while looking they reckon they also found I have a coolant leak coming from the 'filler housing' I have no idea what a...
  3. C

    [QLD] WTB - Commodore VE Quad tip exhaust from SV6/SSV

    ITEM: Commodore VE stock Quad tip exhaust LOCATION: Brisbane, QLD CONDITION: Used PRICE: $150/$200 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pick this up PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: PM or reply here OTHER INFO: Hi, I'm looking for a full quad tip exhaust (stock SV6/SSV)...

    VT Memcal where/who can do it?

    Hey, looking to get a memcal tune, car runs on premium, has hurricane extractors and catback system as well as K&N Filter. VT S-Pack SERIES II V6 Ecotec 3.8L engine. Anyoen knwo a good place in North Brisbane to do them or a person on here that can, Delcowizarrd said he couldn't do a VT...