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  1. VK Group C replica road car

    VK Group C replica road car

    I was back in Aus last week & pulled the old girl out of storage, gave her a clean, lowered the rear, added a couple of new decals.
  2. Y

    vb to be vc satin black brock

    Gday this is my 1979 vb commodore witch has been a long time first car project, i've had it for about 3 years and worked on it lots but not haveing much of an idea been doing extra work and going around in circles, ive done all the work my self with minimal help from my dad. when i got the...

    MOMO VK Brock Steering Wheel Re-release!

    Looks like lucky VK Brock owners get a last chance to get a new MOMO steering wheel with the apparently impossible to get horn retaining ring!
  4. 8

    [NSW] Swap 4 seep VK for Diesel ute :).

    DESCRIPTION: Swap my Vk for a Diesel ute in reasonable condition with rego ITEM: The VK: Minimal rust, Fairly straight, four speed manual, SL, no RWC, clock shows under 150 000, side skirts fitted. LOCATION: Sydney, NSW. CONDITION: Used. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I'm sure we can...

    VH SLE 2 tone blue/silver codes

    just looking for some help with the codes for a vh sle. they are model- vh8vx69-382 trim 1981-27y paint 1b 002-b built may 82 eng-l31 trans- m40 axle- g70 mainly after the trim code as i have found out 382 is a 308. getting ready to rebuild this car and need to know if...

    Want to make a vk Brock replica

    I have a vk commodore in nsw and want to make it a Peter Brock replica (group a) with the full 05 and marlboro decals. How much would it cost and is it sold in the Sydney region. Also what would the legality/copyright on that and how would I get permission to use the material. Thanks