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  1. Adrian's Vr

    Unexplained whine

    hey so this morning as I turned into work my car started whining like a kettle, since then it will start doing it as soon as i got into 2nd or 3rd (T5) does not do it idling, still makes sound with clutch in and rolling in neutral, shifts ok, noticed it happens when its given load, when i slow...
  2. B

    Trouble shooting.

    Hi all, Can anyone throw their thoughts in on what my problem may be. My VX has been giving me a lot of greif lately, between trouble starting it to ruff idle, to just driving like rubbish in general at the moment. I took her into the mechanic and they replaced the crank angle sensor (seemed to...
  3. A

    Broke a connector in fuse box

    Hey, Long story short I was replacing a fuse that went on me today. I checked all the fuses since I had it open and in removing one I broke one of the small metal arms that holds the fuse in place (I'm not sure what the correct term is, essentially the receiver for where the fuse plugs in)...
  4. ReaperTBS

    Unable to reattach spoiler

    Hi there, I was having a particularly frustrating and exhausting day/night, couldn't be bothered washing the VZ, and instead decided to just take it through one of those dodgy automatic carwash places as everything else was closed. I figured unclipping the loom and undoing four nuts was easier...
  5. ebonymarie

    Power window problem

    Okay so I'm having problems with my drivers side power window in my VR Calais. We have recently replaced the whole engine loom. And now the drivers side window doesn't work properly. We have noticed that there is a click under the dash somewhere when the car has been turned completely off. If...
  6. Mattde

    Cracked Exhaust? Sounds like a tin can.

    So I have been spending the last few days suffering from exhaust that sounds like a tin can. After removing the heat shields from my Cats (one of which came off after the most effortless wiggle) I have found another problem. This: Needless to say my muffler is kinda a bit stuffed. Must have...
  7. T

    VY Ute Selector broken?

    Ok, so the symptoms are fairly simple, the gear stick will not move. It will only go from 4th gear to Neutral, aside from that. No movement at all. I've been given split advice. One person suggests that it may be low on transmission fluid, whilst another has suggested that it could be a...
  8. lifel355

    No keys for my hard lid.

    I have a vs ute. I bought the car from a guy who had no keys for the hard lid, so I was wondering what the best way to go about being able to lock my hard lid will be. Change the locks and get brand new keys? Is it possible to get a key that will fit mu existing locks? or get an entire...
  9. B

    dead vx

    hi guys, havin a little trouble with the ss..at first it was idling rough and stalling and took a good 7 seconds of cranking to fire, changed coolant temp sensor, IAC valve, fuel pump and filter, crank sensor. now iv noticed the scanner cannot connect with the engine or trans, but it can with...
  10. S

    Tail light problem

    Hey. I Bought a 92 vp a while back and it's finally up and running but the tail lights won't come on. I figured its a busted fuse but I'm not sure which one to change and my cover is faded to the point where it can't be read. Thanks guys.
  11. H

    VT Commodore gear changing problems.

    Ok, so I have a 99 VT manual commodore, I have recently noticed 2 problems when changing gears in it. the first one has been doing it for quite some time now.. about 70-80% of the time I change gears i can hear a "doonk" sound (best way to describe it) coming from around the middle to the rear...
  12. D

    Broken door lock and antenna motor.

    Hi all, when I press unlock, the drivers door lock stays in the locked position but the door unlocks. I had a look, and the little thing that bobs up and down is just freely sitting there. I pulled it out and there's a metal rod with a thread on it. It seems weird to me because it isn't long...
  13. S

    how did it happen

    ive got a 96 vs berlina and it was driving funny shaking bad and stuff and i realised when walking to the shop my brake pad fell out from my car..? i looked at the caliper and rotor and they are fuc*ed but i didnt think that would usually happen
  14. H

    '06 SVZ Commodore Advice

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking about buying a mates SVZ off him as he lost his license and then got caught driving without a license 1km from the Nissan dealer where he just got the 35,000km service done on his '04 350Z. He would be quite happy if I paid $4k for it but I know all the issues and...
  15. J

    VY Front Widow Seal...

    hey everyone... the seal on my front window came off while driving today all the way from the hood to the first corner.... i put it back in but it came out again... does anyone know how to fix this and make it stick in better...
  16. J

    VY Arial Clicking

    hey everyone, my arial on my VY ute ticks over about 3 extra times when its fully up or fully down... is there anyway to fix this? its really annoying hahahah any help would be great thanks :)
  17. N

    New Alpline CDE-121EI only ejects Cd's

    My new Alpine CDE-121EI that I've just installed will only eject Cds while saying 'load' Anyone else have this issue with an Alpine? I really don't want to have to take it out to go in under warranty, wondering if anyone knows of any tricks? Also I used an ISO harness to connect it so...
  18. D

    Power Window Problem

    My front passenger side window is coming up on 45 degree angle. Any suggestion as to why this could be happening? And is it easy to fix and how do you go about fixing it?
  19. K

    Problem with my vr high beams

    i have a 95 vr berlina series II, the head lights work fine on low beams but when i flick it on to high beams one of them shuts completely off, iv checks the fuses and the globes and cant find anything wrong. can anyone help?
  20. tHe_sTiG

    Broken glove box handle

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone knows how to replace the glove box handle in a VZ; the opening mechanism is broken. A new one from Holden costs $27, for labour they'll charge me a further $45. The labour charge is a rip-off in my opinion. Would replacing the handle be as easy as a DIY...
  21. tHe_sTiG

    [VZ] Broken VZ glove box handle

    Hi all, My glove box handle is broken and needs a replacement. Went over to Holden for a new one. Cost is $27 for handle, not bad. Labour cost is about $45. Thought well stuff that. Don't like getting ripped off, would rather do it myself. Does anyone here have a DIY guide on replacing this...
  22. V

    Electric seat cover thingy :S

    Hey guys I have the VY Equipe with the driver side seat electric controls The cover where the switches and levers are has somehow snapped and just sort of hangs down a bit. The seat still works and everything it just looks hell dodgy and i dunno how to fix it :/ I tried using super glue...
  23. S

    Major grinding noise from rear end??HELP!

    I was driving today when i started hearing a minor grinding noise from my back wheels. I stopped checked it out and couldnt find anything. About 2 minutes later i was doing probably 30kph when there was a loud bang from the back end and then i stopped. i tried reversing and there was a loud...
  24. JSTCOZ

    Car accident/write off = (

    Hey all, I have had my car for 4months, on my red p-plates and have just written off my first car. Had a few things done to it (thankfully not too much). Yesterday I was driving home from work and I drove through an intersection (with the green light my way) and an asian lady turned...
  25. D

    How to fix steering volume control

    Hi VY Series II Berlina. Problem. Steering volume controls only increase volume, even the mute button. I have searched the forums and the only answer to this problem I have found has been "Fixed under warranty" Sadly I am the second owner and the car is not under warranty, I bought...