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  1. G

    VH BY2?

    Hi all. I'm trying to confirm what I have as specific info for my 83 VH is hard to find. It is tagged: L31 (308) M21 (4 spd man.) GU4 (3.08) Engine is VT code with B cast heads Colour is 1B 003-D which is Manet Blue. Looks very similar to Police Blue (1B 079) From the info I've read BT1 and BO1...
  2. H


    Good day there guys I have just bought a vs commodore ss but it has a 185i badge on the back and from what I've read and seen all the 185i are hsv senators or hsv of some sort but mine doesn't have hsv interior or anything just ss it however does have bt1 on the compliance plate which I believe...
  3. E

    Help please VS SS BT1 304 not firing

    have recently replaced the spark plugs, leads and the distributor, rotor button and cap in my vs ss set the timing drove it for a week and it still wasn't responding the way it should felt sluggish. Yesterday after a big drive it wouldnt start straight away and left me stranded for over an hour...
  4. GRPABT1

    [QLD] 400kw BT1 VN, 355 stroker, twin trottles and more

    ITEM: 1989 VN BT1 Absinthe yellow PRICE: $15000 firm. LOCATION: Townsville QLD YEAR: May 1989 SERIES: VN BADGE: BT1 executive ENGINE: 355ci Holden V8 TRANSMISSION: T56 6 speed manual COLOUR: Absinthe yellow EXTERIOR CONDITION: Could do with some work. INTERIOR...
  5. BigMoose

    VS BT1 Injectors

    Hi Guys, Does anybody know what the standard injector size is on the 304 motor? I've recently acquired a VS BT1 5.0L and I'm looking to do some performance upgrades as it doesn't seem to have the power I would expect from a 5.0L. It already has a big cam, gilmer drives, extractors...
  6. VP_SV6

    my 1993 VP Berlina BT1

    Hi all thought id show off my new project i picked up needs TLC but is better than others i have had its a V6 BT1 berlina has elec windows aircon cruise control pwr steering alarm etc i plan to use my rusty VP to fix this BT1 it has only done 257090klm trying to find the build sheet at the...
  7. JTR007

    My 5.0lt BT1 (SV89 Replica Project)

    My 5.0lt BT1 (Tuff St cruiser) Hey, thought i'd share my Project. :) Model: 1991 BT1 Colour: White Engine: 304 EFI Transmission: Auto Exhaust: VN SS exhaust system with 4" dump Interior: Was tidy. lol Wheels: 16" AusCar i think.. Stereo: JVC head unit, 2x JVC 6" way, 2x 3-way Kicker...
  8. V

    [VIC] PROJECT Genuine/Stock SI VL Calais Turbo (no motor)

    ITEM: Genuine SI VL Calais Turbo LOCATION: Vic/West YEAR: 1986 (unsure) SERIES: VL BADGE: Calais SI ENGINE: No Motor (was original stock A8 RB30 TRANSMISSION: Auto (Box not in car/ can be purchased seperatly with purchase of car) COLOUR: Marone over Champaign EXTERIOR...
  9. vp_exec

    [VIC] VP II, Exec BT-1, COME 355, TCE 3800rpm conv, TH700, New 3.45 IRS, HP-F tuned, 20's

    ITEM: VP Series 2 Exec, 355 stroker, TCE 3800conv TH700, 3.45 IRS, 20's LOCATION: Latrobe Valley, Victoria YEAR: 1992 SERIES: VPII BADGE: Executive - BT1 ENGINE: 355 Stroker TRANSMISSION: 4-sp Auto COLOUR: Dove Grey EXTERIOR CONDITION: Very Good INTERIOR CONDITION: Very Good TYRE...
  10. V

    [VIC] BT1 Interceptors 15x7

    ITEM: 15x7 BT1 Interceptors LOCATION: Victoria, Western Suburbs CONDITION: Used, have had new pain and clear coat PRICE: Make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will drop off locally for a fee, or pickup avalible PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email...
  11. Jake.VScommo

    chasers on VS..... what springs best???

    hey, my VS is just running on chasers. i want to turn them into BT1 wheels and i'm just wondering what springs would be best to put in and make it sit nice. i want superlows in front and ultra's or SSSL's in back for wen i have rims put on but appartently u should put that size springs in wif...