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  1. J

    Brake/suspension upgrades in Adelaide

    Hey guys, Looking for advice on what and where to get some initial mods done to my new (second hand) VF SS (L77 auto motor). Figuring I should start with making sure i have a stable ride and can stop with confidence. I have between about $2k - $5k to spend on just the brakes and suspension...
  2. T

    [LS1] Modified Daily Driver

    Hey fellas, Getting my full license soon and am in the market for an older SS. I am interested in the best bang for your buck mods that won't ruin fuel economy and reliability, maybe even improve it? Also I know Commys don't have the best handling and where I live there is some nice twistys so...
  3. danbran

    VS ute twin throttle body, and power mods?

    Hi, ive just started to modify my ute! its fair good condition and i want to start making parts! I am in the middle making a twin throttle body for it with modified intake out of alloy! when it is finished I need some advice! whats next? do i get a tune? do i wait to put new rockers and...
  4. S

    Car nerds I need ya help!!!

    Hi there everyone, I am in need of a little guidance, I have an 89 navara with a 3.8l manual out of a vn in it. I have saved up $5000 and wanted to give it a birthday of a single turbo setup running as much boost as possible! I have no idea where to start or what exactly is required to boost the...
  5. T

    [Ecotec] Budget Performance Mods 99 VS ute (ecotec V6)

    Im not a expert by far........... i have a 99 VS ute (Ecotec V6) running duel fuel gas/petrol and a 3 speed column shift auto anyway i would like to get a little more power out of her??? i am on a bit of a budget at the moment so i was wondering what i can do??? i havent got the money for...

    Audio System for my VS

    Alrighty, Been trying to learn more about audio set-up for cars and have gotten some help from people on the forums (thanks guys). I have been looking at car audio on the web for a bit and have found WOW to be a good place for some cheap stuff to help my sound, especially since i'm working on a...
  7. W

    Upgrade sound off stock speakers?

    I've just spent some cash on a new deck for my car. Can't remember the model or specs off the top of my head but i was assured it would support whatever expansion i wanted to do in the future with amps/sub etc...Anyway, i've just blown alot of cash on a holiday and need to do the rest on the...