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buick v6

  1. H

    VN 3 Speed for Speedway Car

    I'm currently in the process of building a vn commodore production sedan for speedway and really would like to know if a holden 3 speed manual synchro gearbox would fit onto the buick vn engine as it is an automatic and no good for speedway racing. thanks.
  2. T

    VR V6 Oil Pressure Issue

    gday Guys, I’m the second owner of a 1994 Berlina V6 with 405000kms on the clock I’m wondering if anyone could explain why the oil light flickers when it’s idling and if there are any solutions to this issue. I couldn’t find any threads on the Buick engine only the 304 Cheers, Tim
  3. G

    V6 to v8 or keep it six so on so on

    Hey all got a couple of vps around my place I'm pulling apart one and not sure where to go with it.And i have a another one which is for work. Any ideas to get the vp that I'm pulling apart would be awesome , I'm hoping to make it 10 second ride yeah. Soo if I was to keep it v6 what would be the...
  4. C

    coolant leak cant find where its coming from!! vn s2 engine

    hey guys just wondering if any one can give me some ideas on where to start looking its behind alternater and powersteering pump iv removed majority of the stuff in the way but still cant find where its coming from!! it streams down the driver side of engine onto engine mount, only just...
  5. O

    Hiding wiring in the engine bay

    I own a Vr v6 ute and i want to hide the wires in the engine bay to neaten it up. How hard is it to hide them? should I get an electrician to check it after Ive done it?
  6. Z

    VN stock buick sc 14 supercharger?

    just trying to figure out the cost of safely installing this supercharger to my stock engine (without blowing it up) and what kind of power increase i could expect to see??? any comments will help as im quite clueless as where to start with this to tell the truth, or could turbo option be...
  7. V

    Need ideas for worked VR V6.

    Hey im pullin the donk out this week to get into it haha. Lookin a warmin it up abit, just want some ideas and opinions. making a list heres what i got so far. *roller rockers. 1.8.1 i suppose. * stage 2 cam *supercharged vt injectors? *heads shaved abit. mayb 20 thou or so? not to much as...