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  1. soleit

    WH Statesman cornering globes

    I figured it's time to see why the cornering lights weren't working when I indicated at night. Very easy to diagnose. The plugs are all there but the bulbs aren't. Anyone know what wattage or bulb ID they are?
  2. DeadlySphinx

    VS Calais Auto Shifter Bulb

    Hey guys, Couldnt find a thread involving this so posting one to ask. I tried changing the Auto shifter bulb in my VS Calais the other day. I found that the bulb is not a T5. (I was told that's what it was supposed to be) I think it could be a T3, however it is very small. It sort of...
  3. J

    changing and removing parker bulbs in VS

    Hey, just having trouble removing the parker light bulb, its there a certain way to do it? cheers in advance.