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  1. H

    Will a VX calais bumper fit onto a berlina???

    Hey guys, I was thinking about putting a VX calais bumper front and rear onto my VX berlina, will there be any problems with doing it, will my stock headlights be fine Also if I put on front and rear bumpers will it look weird without having the side skirts aswell? Thanks heaps
  2. L

    How to remove me wagon rear bumper

    Does anybody have any info on removing a ve sv6 wagon rear bumper. My wife's got dinged in car park and I've got anreplaa replto go on tomorrow but other than the screws in wheel arch I'm a little stumped. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Adrian's Vr

    What bumper is this?

    Does anyone know what this bumper is off and is anyone selling one around Melbourne area
  4. M

    Vx ss front reo bar bent

    Hey guys, The front reo bar on my vx ss is shagged all bent and buckled out of shape. Just wondering if a reo bar from other models can be used on it? Like vt and ss or executive acclaim all those sort of different commodores or are they all the same across vt/vx? Cheers for the help
  5. taylorrr

    Will a VY SS bumper and lights fit a VZ SV6?

    I'm looking to replace my front bumper with a vy ss bumper with the lights but don't know if it will fit properly on my vz v6? Would like to know before I buy
  6. S

    VFII SV6 Bumper resprayed and paint feels rough

    Hi guys, Had my front bumper resprayed on my sv6, gave the car a wash the other day and the bumper feels rough? kind of like sandpaper. Not like the rest of the car.. is this something I should go back to the repairer for? is this normal and can it be fixed? it was a cash job and was done at a...
  7. MatesRates

    [TAS] WTB VK Bumper Reo

    ITEM: Wanted: VK Commodore Bumper Reo LOCATION: Launceston, Tasmania CONDITION: New or used, as long as its straight. PRICE: $150ish? Gotta be honest I don't know what bumper reo tends to go for.. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Delivery preferred, willing to pay shipping PAYMENT OPTIONS: Can...
  8. R

    Aftermarket headlight fitment and front bumper sag

    Hi guys, So ever since i installed my new headlights (aftermarket projector) ive realised that the panel gap between the bottom of the headlight and the bumper is just ridiculous. Ive also noticed that the gap where bumper meets the hood, one side has a bigger gap than the other. Now...
  9. M

    Modifying VT Acclaim - Front bumper

    I'm looking at making some modifications to my fairly stock VT Acclaim sedan. The colour is Raven blue/black and I already have a spoiler. Other than getting it mechanically ship-shape I'm looking at doing the following - Replacing LHS front quarter panel (has bad dint at front) - Adding SS...

    Can I paint Alloy or Plastic when its wet weather?

    I am preparing some alloy rims to paint and also have a VY bumper that is ready for a topcoat of pressure pack acrylic. Can I paint when it is raining outside, ie : high moisture content? Thankyou in advance

    Fixing small split in VY bumper

    I have a small crack that can be pushed back on my bumper. What is the best process or glue to stop it opening up please? The crack is 30mm long and has only lifted one side a few mm. Thankyou. Not scared of giving it a go
  12. Iman

    [General] Removing door bumper strips

    I've never had an interest to do it my self until I had an accident with my Toyota Lexcen and salvaged the doors/tinted windows off it. I then saw that the bumper strips were in different positions and it looked kind of whacked. I've looked around the forums on tutorials about how to remove...
  13. C

    Fixing scratches on the front bumper!

    Hi all. I am not a car person, but recently got a 2000 Berlina. There are bits and pieces that need fixing, nothing major though, and I am sick of not being able to fix little things in cars without paying a fortune. So I'm going to try and learn! Anyway, I stupidly let my housemate drive my...
  14. W

    Sv6 or Hsv front bar

    Hi guys I was wondering if any one has a spare white Ve sv6, ss or Hsv bumper for sale or give away? I bought a 2010 sv6 ute about two months ago but when I bought the car it had a Holden roo/nudge bar so I took it straight off but left me with two square holes in the bumper next to the...
  15. Holden vz

    Front Bumper Clip

    Hi Guys, Just notice that my front bumper is hanging off a little on the left side between the guard , I tried to punch it back in place but it wont clip back on, anyone know how to fix it or would I need to replace the clip? if so where would I get the clip from?, and how do I put it on the car?
  16. S

    [NSW] WTB VS Commodore - whole car or rear bumper

    DESCRIPTION: Vs commodore or rear bumper ITEM: I'm after a vs commodore (cheap ie 1000 of under) for parts for mine. Either that or I need a rear bumper plus the reinforcing behind it. LOCATION: Exeter, NSW, 2579 CONDITION: Most probably used as its an older car. DELIVERY/PICK UP...
  17. B

    SV6 Bumper on Omega - Photos.

    Hey guys, I want to put a SV6 bumper on my omega and i know there's so many different opinions but could someone post me some photos of there transformation? Just wanna see if it all works with the bumper and if it looks right.
  18. P

    Does VZ Clubsport front bumper sit lower than VY SS bumper...

    Hi all, I have a 2003 VY SS ute with a vz clubsport front end.. My question is, does the vz clubby bumper sit lower than the standard vy ss bumper? Currently it sits too low at the front and was wondering if i should switch the front springs back to standard. Pretty sure the rear springs are...
  19. A

    [QLD] SWAP: My VY style clubsport front bumper (to suit VX) for your VX SS front bumper

    DESCRIPTION: Swap - VY style clubsport front bumper in exchange for VX SS front bumper ITEM: VY clubsport fiberglass front bumper to suit VX (made for tear drop headlights). Currently in primer, ready to be painted. LOCATION: Pine Mountain, QLD 4306 (10 minutes west from Ipswich on the...
  20. T

    Boot lid rubbing on rear bumper

    Hey all, I have noticed a bit of rubbing where the boot lid bottom edge meets the rear bumper cover. The paint on the boot lid edge is almost worn to the primer. anyone else had this issue? cheers, Timmo
  21. thecougar

    [VIC] WTB VZ Clubby Font Bumper

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: A fully Genuine Plastic VZ HSV Clubsport Front bumper. (NO FIBREGLASS) LOCATION: VIC Melbourne, Eastern Subs bout 30min outside city. CONDITION: New or used not phased as long as cheap and in good nic. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I can travel to...
  22. N

    VT - VE Clubsport front bar conversion

    Hi Lately Ive seen a few VT's going around sporting VE clubsport front bumper's. It looks great! I was wondering if anyone knows whats involved with this conversion? what mod's have to be etc etc.. any insight would be great.. thanks.
  23. C

    VS SS Kit

    Quick (probably stupid) question... What are the differences between a standard VS Executive body kit and the SS? I know that the foglight bezels are different, but what about the measurements? The SS kit does look a bit more beefy than the standard. Thanks guys :)
  24. Kierab

    Touch Up paint, where, how.

    So pretty much Ive got a few nice black marks on my bumpers where they've been scraped and/or hit, nothing serious, but im hesitant on using just normal spray paint, dulux white gloss i think it is, as i wont it to match pretty well. How would i go about this? Do alot of the big car shops...
  25. D

    Rear ended...

    Hey guys i got rear eneded last night and i was just wondering how much a vt ss rear bumper would cost? Oh and also the plastic covering on the boot (behind the number plate in between the back lights) that got all crackd up, how much would that cost? Cheers
  26. southaussie

    question ! VY-VZ rear bumper fit VT?

    hey people, new member and hope to stay, searched through FAQ and could find my answer. so i am posting.... Q. Does a vy-vz rear bumper go straight on to the rear of a vt? it doesnt look that different. but i have been fooled before when i had a VH and tried to put a VK front bumper on ...
  27. bmarriott.live

    Vx headlight removal

    Does anyone know how to remove the headlights in a vx executive, do i need to remove the front bumper. Thanks in advance
  28. Foonz

    Looking for parts

    Hey guys, I am looking at fixing up my VN calais S2 and need some parts. I am chasing the front bumper (preferably silver), rear right door (preferably Blue and Silver), front grille and drivers side door trim (grey is colour). If anyone is wrecking or knows where i could get parts that...
  29. A

    [VIC] Xbox 360 Wheel / VX Front+Rear Bumpers / VT VX Level 3 Cluster + More

    Request pictures and i will put them up ITEM: Official Microsoft Xbox 360 Racing Wheel and Project Gotham Racing 3. SOLD LOCATION: vic CONDITION: Used PRICE: 220 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will deliver at your expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Bank Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: PM or sms 0416...
  30. klampy

    Custom front bar. a RARITY these days.

    What do you think?
  31. nousernameyet

    reverse sensors

    hey guys first time posting, i drive a black my9.5 sv6 which doesnt have sensors, and a few times ive gently nudged walls when reverse parking, no paint scratches yet, but dont want it to happen haha. i was just wondering in regards to purchasing a reverse sensor kit, does it include a new...
  32. 1

    [VIC] WTB: vt hood/bonnet and front bar/bumper

    ITEM: a commodore vt bonnet and also a front bumper. would preferably be blue but not desperate as can be coloured LOCATION: victoria, goulburn valley CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: around the $80 mark each, as can be bought for $100 off ebay DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: will pick up...
  33. tlorimer

    Need to buy some vt ext. Body parts!!

    Hi, i've recently ran up the back of someone in my VT, and i need a front bumper, bonnet, and right hand side headlight, if anyone has any of these parts lying around i'd pay you for them, also if anyone was interested in swapping some of those parts for 2 good condition chaser rims with...
  34. VjamesY

    VZ exec rear bumper on VY exec

    Hey guys, Today I bought a VZ executive bumper and was wondering if it would fit my VY? I thought It would, but I was reading a previous thread were someone stated I would need to change to VZ lights because they are lower on the bumper... is this true? I don't mind doing this, because I was...
  35. tysonVL

    How to spray VL bumpers?

    Hey Guys, So I just bought a VL commodore, it's my first car, and i was wondering what's the easiest way of respraying the bumpers seeing they look like ****. keep in mind that it's my first car and I REALLY don't want to fork out for a proper respray done at a shop. thanks
  36. calais24/7

    What colour bumpers?

    What colour silver is the silver on the calais like the bumpers and on the bottom of the door, i just bought a second hand bumper cause parts of mine where cracked but it was off an executive or something and is the darker grey. What colour of silver and does anyone know where to get it? cheers
  37. vyssute01

    Front bumper damage...

    Just broke the clips on the bumper and its hanging down.. does anybody know if they can be fixed or do i need a new front bumper???:cry:
  38. R

    bad clear coat

    i just finished tinting my taillights and they turned out great up untill i applyed cear coat. the coat isnt 100% smooth. it has a texture to it that stands out in the sunlight. does anyone no what would cause this and how to fix it? i was thinkin maybe cut and polish?? i will be painting my...
  39. F

    VR/VS Nightrider grille - Opinions?

    See photoshopped attachment. Pic was originally from Social - I blacked out your number plate but let me know if you want the pic gone. Has it been done? Like/dislike? Maybe some of that white automotive mesh from SCA in the upper and lower gaps?