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  1. S

    ssv burning smell

    I was wondering if any one could help me with my ssv Ive got a really strong smell of burning plastic coming from my engine bay. The smell is so strong i cant have the aircon on anymore at first i thought it might be the aircon compressor but the smell is still there with aircon off...
  2. J

    VT oil burning on inspection

    Hi guys, i was looking at buying my first car and was looking at a VT. I saw onein wonderful condition with the RWC, but after taking it for a drive, i opened the bonnet and found smoke coming from the manifold on the drivers side, oil must have been leaking and couldnt tell where from, but it...
  3. V

    VS III S ute - 14.5L/100Klms: Help!!!!!!

    Help. I have a 1999 Commodore VSIII S pack auto ute (3.8L) with 94 000 klms on it. It is currently burning 14.5L/100klms. Which is killing me given the disgraceful fuel prices, I am sadly looking at getting rid of it for an oil burner. It has just had a major service and is still burning too...