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  1. JakeVFSV6

    Traction control stuck on?

    I have a 2015 Holden VF SV6 auto When trying to turn all traction control off in the VF (I know you have to Holden the “traction control” button for 8-10 seconds for the esp to turn off as well as the traction control) but even when I have it all turned off, I still can’t get the wheels to spin...
  2. D

    Supercharged VP?

    Hey everyone, I've got a 1992 V6 VP commodore executive. Lately I've been doing some research on supercharges and trying to work out if it's worth doing It's primarily a burnout car, my main questions are 1) would i notice a difference if it was supercharged while doing a burnout 2) the rough...
  3. D

    VP burnout car

    Hey everyone, been using this forum for ages to help with my car but first time poster here. I've owned my 92 VP sedan for around 3 years now, bought it as a burnout car but only recently started getting stuck into it and looking for some tricks and tips I took the engine out and did all the...
  4. K

    Vt brake style traction control?!

    so I’ve got a vt commodore I’ve turbocharged and got tuned and when I try to do a stand still burnout it won’t rev past 2000rpm, it’s an auto and also it will get the wheels spinning if I do a doughnut but will stop when I have the brake and accerator down. It hasn’t got a traction control...
  5. Maxxi

    Vf clubsport burnout issue

    Hi guys Need some help with an issue im haveing with my 2014 vf clubsport, it has otr mafless underdrive pulley cam heads extractors full exhaust putting out 460rwhp basically ive taken it to the track a few times for powercruise and I originally had an issue with the torque management stopping...
  6. Samuel elliot

    Fuel cell for skid car need help

    Currently in the process of putting together a Vt ss with a mild worked ls1 dedicated skid car Going to be installing a fuel cell, want to stay on the low budget side, what will I need and how to wire it up? Any informations useful From what I’ve gathered so far I’ll be going for 40-60l foam...
  7. snuglez

    Engine light

    Did a stand still for 5 seconds in my ve sv6 manual ute and my check engine light has come on , should i be worried ?
  8. S

    Master Cylinder port - Thread size??

    Hi all, I am working on a dedicated burnout car and have decided to completely delete rear brakes. I've searched everywhere but can't seem to find any info on the thread that the nut is on the brake line at master cylinder. I need to know this because I am going to buy a blanking plug. When I...
  9. K

    WHAT IS BETTER - Wagon Versus Sedan

    ok, so i'm pretty new here as i have recently purchased 2 VS commodores, one is a 1995 sedan, one is a 1996 wagon, both have 27x,xxxkms, and both have average paint. both cars need a small amount of work but i can swap the parts between the 2 to make one registerable car, my question is what am...
  10. J

    Easternats 2012!

    Whos going to the 2012 Easternats?? anyone entering?? if so what in?
  11. I

    Vy Commodore Executive- How do you turn off t/c?

    vy commodore executives come with Traction Control Perminatly on. Apparantly you can turn it off some how in the engine?
  12. DontBeShy

    Does anybody no what the name of these rims are ??

    If any1 nows what there called please let me no thanx guys
  13. pedrotski

    Time is up for hoons LOL

    THIS IS OUTRAGOUS, LOOK AT THAT ENOURMOUS BURNOUT!! Time is up for hoons says Hames - Local News - News - General - Mandurah Mail edit: thing i love about old people is that any loud car, no matter how fast they are driving is speeding.
  14. G

    VP Sale Price

    hey dudes, got a VP exec v6 it has Hot Cam, Mini spool diff, line locker and is chipped drift spec suspention strengthened gearbox body is excelent and so is interior lowered front has BT1 Chaser rims has sound system just had service and is running brilliant has blown the...
  15. vscom88

    VR/VS Commodore Series ii Acclaim Cruise Control??

    i recently bought a vs s2 acclaim and the cruise control dosnt work. iv changed the fuses over but still nothing. a mate of mine with a vr acclaim has the problem. how can this be fixed without spending hundreds taking it to a auto elec? also when the car was first bought it used to be able...