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  1. Beau Abbott

    No mang

    Well quick question my vp commo has no mang it just bounces but no mang, yes I'm running a 3.8 buick motor but its got no mang :( makes me sad really as its my skid rig and i like hearing them mang
  2. K

    [NZ] Help??

    Just a quick question and I apologise if this is in the wrong area... I have a 97 Toyota Hiace with a Series 1 3.8 V6 with a 4 sod auto behind it. Runs into an AU diff (shhhh...it’s a F***) I keep blowing up the trans and not because of burnouts or towing heavy loads. They seem to deteriorate...
  3. N

    [LS1] VY SS UTE Diff modifications for burnouts

    Hi all, I have a VY SS ute which I'm turning into a skidpig :D whats the best option on locking the diff ? I've seen the diff spools online but not sure if they work with LSD ? Id get the welder out but she's no banjo o_O
  4. C

    Places in perth wa to do burnouts

    Hey me and my mates are looking for abandoned car parks or workshops or anything we can light tyres on as we don't like to do it on public roads
  5. vscom88

    The Green Machine

    Name: Andrew Model: 1997 VS COMMODORE Seires 2 Colour: Botanica Mica Blue Engine: 3.8 Liter Ecotec VS (Soon to be stroked) Power: 160 RWKW Transmission: T5 Manual Clutch: Ceramic Button Clutch Modifications: maFless tune, custom cai, 3:9 differential gears to a single pegger, front mount...
  6. DontBeShy

    My 1997 Vs Acclaim Series 2 :)

    Hey Though I'd Just Post A Few Pic's Of My Car Up Here Hope You Like It It's Nothing Special. All I've Done So Far Is Just Lowered It But Hopefully In The Near Future I Will Have Done A 2n1/2" Cat Back Exhuast And A Sound System Most Likely Will Be A Kicker System As I Like Kicker...
  7. DontBeShy

    Need peoples apinions on what springs i should go for in my vs acclaim

    hey how you going fella's im lowering my car in the next 3 days and i was thinkin perhaps super super lows in the front and ultra lows in the back. but i wanna go really low so i was thinkin maybe ultra lows all round just wanted poeples thoughts and there input on this idea and maybe some...