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  1. MiKExAUS

    VXii Front suspension/steering issue

    Edit:SOLVED! Air in power steering lines is most likely cause. Issue went away after longer drive. Perhaps do a few full locks when front wheels are in the air to bleed air from power steering lines if you perform similar repairs. Thanks to all who assisted! Shout out to VC commodore. Plenty...
  2. AlexCameron23

    VS UTE Replace all bushes

    I've seen alot of posts about it but no recent strong answers. Looking for the cheapest front and rear Bush kit. Already found an upgraded ajustable pan hard rod not too much more to buy the new rod with bushes instead of replacement bushes. So any trailing arm z bar options people have found...
  3. J

    2002 VX: - Replaced front shocks but locating plate moves

    Hi, I bought a pair of Auto-Force shock absorbers and two Mackay strut mounting kits (bearing and bearing assembly/bush). After taking the old shocks off and disassembling, I noticed that the new bump stop and dust cover/boot (came with the new shock absorber) were both very different to the...
  4. V

    VX sedan rear crossmember bush refitting problem

    Hey guys, So I've just replaced the original rubber crossmember bushes with a Nolathane bush kit. The problem I am having is that I can't for the life of me get that centre retaining bolt to line up to the threaded hole in the floor pan or the hole in the retaining plate. I've got the rear...
  5. A

    Steering problems - VU II SS

    Update posted on 19th March <-- Click here or find post #7 Hello everyone, Sorry that my first post is a question, you probably get this a lot from new members. With your advise I'll take action and promise to reply to this thread with the results. I have a VU II SS and the steering pulls to...
  6. O

    VT Calais electric seat rocks back and forward. Worn bush ???

    I have a 1998 VT Calais. The driver's seat rocks back and forward slightly. This has nothing to do with the track or ratchet mechanism. The problem is with the bushes. The threaded rods go through the electric motors. At the other end, they mount via a plastic bush and pin to the seat frame. As...
  7. H

    VS auto to manual conversion

    hi all, im doing a auto to manual conversion on my VS V6 commodore, im putting in a b/w T5 i have a problem with the spigot bush, the one i was sold fits the box perfect but its about 3mm to thick, the inside dia of aprox 14-15mm is right, but the outside dia is 28mm, the one i need is...