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  1. B

    Buying Recommendation.

    G'day people of JustCommodores. I am thinking of purchasing a 2005 VZ Auto Executive Commodore, it is rather cheap and has some nice bodywork done to it. It is priced at $3500 (negotiable), and only has 97,000 kms. I was unable to determine the low price, and when questioned on the issues of...
  2. Rixy26

    Single knocking sound when I push on brakes

    Hi everyone, first time posting on here, I own a '94 VR Berlina, I took my car out for a test drive with a permit as it is still unregistered, I noticed a single knocking sound coming from the front end when I push on the brakes and the steering wheel shutters also as I'm pushing the brakes, I...
  3. Countcribula

    What size SuperPro front sway bar D bushes do i get?

    My car is a 2006 VE Calais V V8, just wondering what size bushes i need for my stock front sway bar? thanks.
  4. M

    Very weird noise at the front.

    I've got an 08 sv6, whenever I'm at a complete stop, I ride the brake so I'm rolling at less than 1k and hour I hear a very odd noise at the front of the car, like I've never heard before. it's been there for a while, I've changed the pads on all four corners. It's like some thing plastic or...
  5. M

    looking for some VS IRS rear shock replacement advice :D

    Hiya, I'm looking at replacing the rear shocks on my VS irs commy this weekend and i was just wondering if anyone out there has got any handy tips to share regarding anything else that may be easy to replace, or need to be replaced while im back there? Control arm bushes, etc? (So i can...
  6. E

    control arm has moved off the bush

    hey guys just got home from driving my 96 vs v6 commodore and on the way home all i could hear was this grinding noise coming from the passengers front wheel. Anyway just had a look and the control arm has moved off the bush and onto the radius rod arm! I just replaced those bushes about 2...
  7. trav27

    Lower control arm bushes, help!

    Hey guys, sorry if there's already a thread on this! I just have a quick question as i feel like im about to be ripped off. My Vt has a annoying metal clank sound whenever going over a speed hump, braking[sometimes] and turning. I just got the link pins changed, the noise is still there and they...
  8. Tw11ga

    [VT] Lowering and Replacing Bushes

    Hi all, My mechanic recently told me all the bushings in my 98 VT V6 are shagged (done 345,000km lol) So I'm think of lowering it now and replacing all the bushes with Nolathanes at the same time. I have been looking on the Nothalane website and they have two different kits, one for...
  9. J

    VR back end rattle

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a annoying rattle coming from my back end was thinking maybe suspension but checked it out and suspension is all fine. Now leaning towards control arm or bushes? Any help would be very appreciated!
  10. A

    Bushes Quote. Need HELP!!

    Hi so my dad took my 1992 VP Commodore exec to a mechanic for a road worthy and was knocked back because the following needed to be replaced: Front caster rod bushes Front top sway bar rubbers Rear top control are bushes Rear pan hard rod bushes Rear sway bar o ring bushes Front P/S...
  11. Paul_grima

    Price on These?

    Just got this list from a roadworthy test and was wondering how much this will set me back including labour? *Replace strut tops *Replace engine mounts *Front link pin bushes *Right radius rod bush *Lower front trailing arm bushes *Upper trailing arm bushes Thanks :)