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  1. S

    No Traction Control Button?

    Hello guys, today I was in my dads car which is a 04 VZ Executive Wagon and I noticed that it had the ability to switch off traction control with the button that's bottom right of the gear stick. Anyway, I have a 05 VZ Lumina Wagon but don't have the button to turn traction control off. I don't...
  2. J

    Hazards, Back Demister and Aircon Buttons all not working...

    Non of the buttons on the middle panel seem to turn on Aircon, Hazards and Back demister on my VS wagon. Ive checked the fuses and they are fine. didnt think it would be them anyway. where is the next place i should look if they all arent working....?
  3. V

    Anyone custom fitted a push button start?

    Anyone created a custom push button start? And what way have you done it?
  4. W

    VY automatic transmission shift button question.

    Hey, guys. I just have a question regarding the button on the shifter in automatic VY Commodores. I've been driving mine a few years now and I'm only required to depress the shifter button to change up into neutral, reverse and park or to change down into first, but I recently read that...

    LED button location suggestion?

    Hey Guys, Getting my LED lights put in my car tomorrow and hooked up to the accessories. Have 4 of them, one on driver's feet, passanger feet and under the front seats facing backwards. Just trying to figure out where to put the LED button, thoughts so far was to either place it in the...
  6. sik_VR

    Vr commodore boot button problem.

    The button in the glove box that opens the boot wont open it. It still makes the sound in normally makes but it doesn't open it.
  7. [Hold-On]

    Replacing Middle BackSeat Button

    hey guys , My Backseat button to bring down the middle chair with the cup trays has broken , the rodd in the chair has burst through the button . I am getting a new button today / 2mo and i am just wondering how to change it ? Easy pop out and replace orr hassle taking out chair ...
  8. V

    Steering Wheel Buttons

    Hey guys, my steering wheel button has fallen off and i dont know how to put it back on. Could you guys show me how to put it back on, or better yet take both button consoles off the steering wheel as they no longer work with my new head unit. cheers guys
  9. V

    Steering Wheel Button

    Hey guys, one of my steering wheel buttons has come off (the down arrow) and i have no clue how to put it back on :bang: any help would be appreciated. thanks
  10. JSTCOZ

    Eco/Power button

    Hey, Still getting to know my Commy (example: Found out if i accelerate up a steep hill in the wet all i do is spin the wheels for a bit haha) anyway. I was wondering what difference that Power/Eco button really does? I've only driven it with Eco on cause I don't want it to start guzzling...