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  1. H


    Good morning ladies and gentlemen I don't know if this is the right place but I was wondering what options I have when buying a car and getting it looked at first before I purchase? Also what is the best way to purchase a car? I have thought about going to an auction but I am really not sure any...
  2. I

    [NSW] What to buy!$

    Hello,me and my partner currently own a Cruze and it is fine and will be keeping it, but I am wanting to buy a used automatic (yes I'm one of those people) commodore wagon (mainly for boot space)or sedan for around $10,000. As I have really no idea about all the different series, would love some...
  3. V

    Interested in selling

    I'm thinking about selling my first car. It's a v6 VT commodore and I was wondering what people would pay for it.
  4. W

    VE Omega Ute - Dual fuel

    Hi, I'm new to this forum but thought this would be a good place to post - Apologies if a similar thread exists, I've had a decent search and couldn't find much.. I'm considering buying a second hand VE Omega Ute on dual fuel. Years 2008+ depending on price and k's on the odometer. I'm...
  5. premium

    Advice on buying a VS Statesman

    Hey guys I'm turfing the VL soon, because I ruined it. I'm thinking of getting something a little more comfortable. Can someone tell me how the V6 VS Statesman's go? What's the power like? What's the economy like? Any tips on what to look for when buying one? and finally, How much...
  6. vzcomy

    Buying a VZ thats done 200,000+ kms

    Closed Closed car changed now. Thanks everyone
  7. JAKE-26

    How to 'negotiate' cars for sale?

    Hey all. Been looking at a few cars lately and some have seen fairly expensive for what they are. Lots of them have price negotiable in the description, but i'm not really sure how to go about 'negotiating' with a seller :unsure:. Any tips appreciated! Cheers everyone :D
  8. J

    vy or vz which would u choose

    hi, i am looking at upgrading to a commadore just not sure which on to get, i was thinking between a vy or vz, could u please post why u would pick the car, and what u generally think off the car
  9. JAKE-26

    Buying from a car yard questions

    Hey guys. Im looking to buy a vs ute for my first car and have seen one in a car yard. the yard is "skygrove pdy ltd" or something, located in moorabin, Vic if anyone wanted to know. The car is a 95 Vs ute with 190k's with reg+rwc for $6,999. looks ok Im pretty sure i would be able to...
  10. Gunzero

    What do i look for in a VY SS when buying one

    I want to buy a VY SS and just want to know what i should look out for and how much i should spend on one
  11. Kierab

    Buying a VS Commodore

    Hey Didn't know really where to put this so i hope heres okay? Anyway, soon ill hopefully be buying a VS commodore, not my first car but ive got pretty sick of my old one. Just wondering about kilometers, what do you reckon is too many on the odometer, ive seen heaps around the 220-240...
  12. magpies1

    i need help buying car

    im new to all this i havnt got a car :embarrass but im saving to buy one and im on my learners is this car alright for what his asking....and for a 1st car.. 1997 HOLDEN COMMODORE Executive VS II Private Cars For Sale in VIC - carsales.com.au thanks:thumbsup:
  13. R

    Sedan or Ute?

    Sorry if this has come up before, but if it has I can't find it... Looking at getting a used SV6, can't make my mind up between sedan or ute. I'm driving myself nuts here...help me out!!
  14. R

    Buying Interstate

    Hi all, this is my first post so go easy... So i'm looking at a VE SV6 ute, and have my eye on one in VIC, but i'm from NSW. Are there any complications buying interstate i should know about, other then needing to get it registered for NSW? would it be better to just look harder for a deal in...
  15. H

    RACV comprehensive check- what does it mean?

    Hey there! I'm bec, very new to forum! I've currently got a VT berlina but going to buy a 2005 VY Berlina I got a RACV comp. test on it and a few issues came up, and I have nfi what they mean? What do you think? - Silent driveline backlash - Drivers side front castor bush torn -...